“Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions solely motivated by love.”

Rudolf Steiner

Do you ever notice your tastes changing over time? Have you ever been super involved in something, only to outgrow it and leave it behind? What is it in your life that remains consistent and evolves with you over time?

From cradle to the grave, we are continually evolving beings. The very nature of life is a forward progression of change. We can either keep spiraling up to ever higher levels of consciousness, or we can simply go around in circles.

When we get stuck in a rut, the danger is that if we don’t find a way to lift out of it and rise above, we can find ourselves sinking or falling prey to our lower instincts and less-than-healthy habits.

The very nature of consciousness is fractal and multi-dimensional. One of the underpinnings of the entire concept of ‘conscious dance’ is the recognition of the idea of ‘ages and stages’ as articulated byRudolf Steiner.

Sometime people ask me to expand upon the term ‘conscious dance’ which I helped popularize in the mid-00’s. Thinking about how dance has served me at various times in my life is what spurred me to come up with the working definition that I like to share.

“Movement with an intention towards greater awareness” is the most accurate description I’ve been able to come up with for this broad movement that we’re all a part of. Much like the term ‘conscious dance’ itself, it’s meant to be a wide umbrella.

At every stage of your development, dance can play a part. For me, free dancing in the aisles of Grateful Dead concerts led to slam dancing in the pits of punk rock shows. Marathon weekends of raving in warehouses and full moon parties led to bringing turntables to retreat centers where dance could be enjoyed like health food.

Through it all, I kept noticing one thing over and over. It was the ‘aha’ moments that would arise on the dance floor that led to the decisions and changes that would lead to the next level. Sometimes that would be an idea or an inspiration to move me forward. Other times it would be the realization of a solid ‘no’ that needed to happen in order for me to close one door that wasn’t serving me so that I could be free to open another.

You’ve got your own way of dancing and interpreting life through movement. Maybe you’re a ‘solo-dancing-in-the-living-room’ type. Perhaps you respond best while improvising in a group under the guidance of a skilled facilitator. For many folks, the structure of choreography or synchronized movement is just what the doctor ordered.

The point is, it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re making an effort to open the door to movement on a regular basis. The best way to tune your body into receiving the wisdom of the universe is to shake it up, wiggle it around, and give it the chance to feel what’s going on with you before you think about it for a change.

recent scientific study has shown that dance is better for us than ordinary fitness, especially as we age. Especially in terms of balance, dance is proven to be extremely beneficial in counteracting age-related decline.

So perhaps you are like me, and have spent your earlier years free-dancing and improvising. As time goes on it may be time to learn some steps and challenge our brains and bodies once again in order to evolve and keep those ‘aha’ moments coming.

Keep moving and setting your intention on love and greater awareness! May your week be filled with love and light as you spiral ever upward!


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

Dance First Member Spotlight – Rebekah Zhuraw and The Philly Tribe

Today’s Dance First member spotlight shines on long-time mover and shaker Rebekah Zhuraw! She’s at the center of a thriving dance community in Philadelphia and the driving force behind The Philly Tribe, a “Multi-Modality Dance Sanctuary.”

For years they have been hosting regular classes as well as producing one-off workshops for traveling facilitators in the 5Rhythms, Open Floor, Soul Motion, Movement Medicine, and Azul traditions.

Rebekah is one of those hard-working and dedicated individuals who holds conscious dance in a high light and tirelessly advocates for raising consciousness through movement in community.

If you are a traveling facilitator who has yet to connect with The Philly Tribe, you’ll want to make the connection with Rebekah and explore the possibility of collaboration.

Rebekah is supported and encouraged by a diverse and enthusiastic community of tribe-holders including Keshia Mahan, Kaitlynn Minguez, Christina Fanizzi, Ray Diaz, Mariama O’Brien, Michelle Mahan, and Karen Holmes.

Artistic and cultural support from John Needles, Johanna Furst, Jennifer Brown, Phil Brown, Kaamy Moore, Dev Rajhansa, and Rob Kafes make it possible to keep the tribe fires burning and the dance-floors grooving.

Check out their website and put The Philly Tribe on your conscious dance map! They’re holding space for the light of movement in the “City of Brotherly Love” and are an inspiring community to learn from.

Thanks so much Rebekah and your team, you’re all a welcome and wonderful part of the global conscious dance community! Keep up the good work, we’re here to support you!

The Philly Tribe Website
The Philly Tribe on Facebook
The Philly Tribe Dance First Member Page