Have you ever thought about what your ‘core gifts’ are? Like really deep down inside, the parts of you that bring the most joy to the surface, and that are also the most vulnerable? Not quite the same as your acquired skills, definitely related to your inherent talents, and often misunderstood because sometimes we don’t have the proper words to describe them. It’s like a goldfish trying to describe water, we tend to assume that other people are the same inside so we discount the parts of ourselves that are the most unique.

Sometimes your gifts have been buried by labels put upon you by other people. One person’s ‘overly-sensitive’ is another’s lovingly compassionate. A person described as ‘too intense’ might be missing the beauty of their powerful passion. What might be labeled ‘codependence’ could simply be a generous spirit without boundaries.

These thoughts have been on my mind lately as I ponder the relationships in my life, and discover how effective I am at bringing about change in others. Some of you may know that I’ve been doing one-on-one coaching—I put out a call to the facilitators and movement leaders on this list offering complementary “thriving practice breakthrough sessions” and have started working with a few amazing individuals. (I’m not booked solid, so you can request a free session if you’d like by simply replying to this email)

Helping people discover the larger version of themselves by drilling down into the center of their gifts is one of the keys to what I call my ‘magnetic marketing’ methodology. Our core gifts function much like gravity—the more we allow them to expand from the center the more magnetism we create.

This newsletter is a prime example of what I teach. I really enjoy highlighting a different member of Dance First each week, and with so many great leaders in our organization I never run out of folks to focus on. I make a point to spend time with each new member in a video chat so I can get to know them personally, and explain how our rather unique suite of services works.

If you’re working hard without paying close attention to what fills your heart the most, (or ignoring what hurts it), then you may want to have me or someone else help you get a better perspective and then realign your actions so that your gifts may shine on the world.

You have a jewel of sparkling beauty at your center, and clearing away the cobwebs so that the light of love may reflect your core gifts from each facet is the key to bringing your dreams to life. I know you have it in you, and I know you can do it!


It’s a pleasure this week to shine the spotlight on Ronny Temple, one of our newest members of Dance First. As founder of the OlyWaves collective based in Olympia, Washington, Ronny has been a tireless advocate for conscious dance and holistic movement for many years. With a wide ranging background in travel and spiritual practice, he’s at the center of a dance community that got it’s start clear back in 1998, and is stronger than ever today.

OlyWaves has strong roots in the philosophy and teachings of Gabrielle Roth, and has matured into an organization that hosts weekly ongoing events as well as holding space for local and traveling facilitators offering workshops in the 5Rhythms, Open Floor, and Soul Motion conscious dance practices.

This coming weekend celebrates their 12th Annual Tribal Gathering of Embodied Dance — “The Wilderness Within.” Designed as an event that is accessible to anyone, whether you are a brand-new or seasoned dancer, it’s your opportunity to take part in a Midsummer celebration with a fabulous catered outdoor dinner in the company of embodied dancers from around the globe. There are no prerequisites required for this healing journey of joy and connection.

This year’s faculty includes Cynthia Kennedy, Chantell Foss, Peter Yanz, Molly Gilmore, and Shawn Swanson. This year’s theme, ‘The Wilderness Within” is directly inspired by a quote from Gabrielle Roth — “Between the head and the feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.”

Visit the OlyWaves website to learn more about Ronny Temple and the OlyWaves collective and to register for this weekend’s 12th Annual Tribal Gathering. Make a point to put Olympia Washington on your dancing to do list!

Much love to our Northwest dancing family, and huge heaps of appreciation in welcoming you to Dance First!