Are you ‘all-in’ on your somatic practice or movement leadership methodology? You might be one of the people on my list who are full-time teachers, a movement entrepreneur with all your skin in the game so to speak. I know that all sorts of people get these emails, and not everyone is in the business of embodiment, but that’s who I’m here to serve, so if your practice is your life I’m talking to you.

Every day that I’m on the ball I’m thinking about Conscious Dancer and my Dance First members I’m looking at how we can create a stronger organization, and specifically how to help individual teachers and the modalities that train them to succeed.

You may have noticed the new Conscious Dancer website, we’ve been working like mad to create a front-end facing MoveMap that will allow people from anywhere around the world to post somatic movement or conscious dance events with an easier to use interface.

You’ll also find every edition of these Monday Love Newsletters posted as a permanent article on our site. I’ve also been posting handy tutorial articles regularly on our Dance First member’s site. These are short specific pieces that are geared towards helping our members have an easier time building their practices and navigating the technology that it takes to promote the modern world. This week I posted articles on how to avoid Facebook distraction and a guide to calendar scheduling solutions for client-based practitioners.

Another perk that our Dance First members enjoy is the editors access to our Conscious Dancer Facebook Page. We set our Pro and Partner level members up with contributing editor privileges which means that if you’re a member you can post directly to our timeline.

Conscious Dancer magazine is now curated by both myself and our members, we use the mobile-friendly Flipboard platform to aggregate content that comes from our own sources or anywhere on the web. You can read it in your browser, or better yet on your iPhone, Android, or tablet simply by downloading the Flipboard app and then searching for publications by Mark Metz.

We’ve got some really fun things and exciting developments in store for you in the months to come, so keep an eye on your mailbox and watch for more big announcements in Monday Love.

All the best until next week!



Are you a facilitator or movement leader who has entertained the notion of offering corporate programs or team building workshops inside the business world?

When I talk to people about growing their practices, this idea comes up fairly often, and indeed it is a good fit for some folks. However, it’s unfamiliar territory for many people who’ve spent their lives learning somatic modalities and have never navigated the world of MBAs and C-suites.

We are fortunate to have a new member of Dance First who’s an expert at offering programs like this, and who has spent a good many years in the corporate training world as well as on conscious dance floors.

Meet LeeAnne Mallorie, founder of Leading in Motion, who’s also both a Nia and Dancing Freedom facilitator. Let me tell you about the valuable program she’s offering. As you know, I rarely endorse virtual trainings unless I’m sure of their benefits and feel like they are in alignment with the goals of our community. This training is serving a clear and present need and I’m confident that people who follow through with it will achieve remarkable results.

In her program you will learn how to price your offerings, craft professional proposals, structure your teachings, and speak the language of corporate decision-makers. You’ll discover the proper ways to pitch your practice and bring the benefits of your work into the business world where it is vitally needed.

She’s offering a complimentary introductory webinar later this month called “Entering The Arena: Seven Proven Ways to Dance In The Door” designed specifically for teachers of dance, movement and other artistic forms who want to increasetheir impact (and their paycheck!) by delivering workshops in the business world. Learn the steps she took to master this incredibly meaningful, lucrative and important work – including how to frame, build and sell your first program

She’s going to be teaching about the steps she took to go from making under $25/class to delivering workshops for several thousand dollars per day in the corporate market.

Click here to reserve your seat on this valuable complimentary webinar, Friday, Aug 29th, from 4-5pm Eastern/1-2pm Pacific.