Are you a ‘podcast listener’? Are you hip to the biggest development in media since the invention of the Internet? You can think of them as “time-shifted radio on-demand” and now you can find them on virtually any topic you can think of, (and many more you never would have). Were it not for podcasts, I might have never discovered Sean Stephenson! (above with his wife Mindie). More on him below.

When I’m doing my marketing trainings or working with movement leaders one-on-one, the topic often comes up, and depending on the person and their goals, I may recommend that they start listening to some, or making one, or both.

There’s a number of good reasons to make one, you might be a thought leader with a consistent flow of ideas you want to share. You might be the hub in a field or community wanting to gain more prominence by interviewing other leaders. Maybe you’re an author with a body of work you want to build awareness for by releasing bits of it over time. Or perhaps you are simply creative and want to cultivate a new outlet for your audio experiments.

There’s also a number of good reasons to listen to podcasts. You can learn about almost anything you want. You can get the inside scoop on news and current events from people behind the scenes. You can follow comedians and entertainers if that’s your thing. And as we all know, people love stories, and podcasts are probably the best medium to come along for storytelling since the book.

Sometimes people ask me whether they should create a video series or do a podcast. I teach people about the principle of ‘multi-casting’ which basically means, why not do both and create your blog content at the same time? If your show is going to be mainly talking head style interviews, then you can easily start at the top of the food chain with a video that goes to YouTube, then the audio becomes the podcast, which then gets transcribed and edited to become a blog post.

If you are making video content, then you are demanding total attention from your audience, asking them to engage not only their ears, but their eyes as well. Podcasts on the other hand are meant for multitasking. They follow your listener anywhere, whether it’s while doing chores around the house or behind the wheel. And in fact new automobiles are made with podcasts built-in.

For me, I like listening to podcasts as sort of a motivational mind vitamin. They say that we are the average of the five people that we spend the most time with. So during some of my in-between times I will listen to some of the folks who are truly inspiring to me.

Sean Stephenson, (the “Three Foot Giant” pictured at the top) has been a guest on a few of the shows that I follow, and if you are unfamiliar with his story, I suggest checking out this episode featuring him on The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. (and go ahead and make your day—watch this 2-minute video he made that’s been viewed 68 million times already!)

The Charged Life by Brendon Burchard is another show that functions like short jolts of motivational caffeine. And when I’m in the mood for a fascinating diversion I turn to 99% Invisible, a show that delves into the unseen parts and the unheard stories behind the designs of so many everyday objects that we take for granted.

My show, the Conscious Dancer podcast, has been on a bit of a hiatus during the summer months, but I’ve got some exciting interviews lined up and I’m eager to get back on a consistent schedule through the winter. If you’ve got a body of work to share with the world or a somatic story to tell, or even a suggestion for a guest you’d like to hear, please reply and let me know we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for reading, and I trust you’ll be listening soon!



Today’s spotlight is focused on a dynamic Dance First member with a unique 9 month long immersion coming soon. Meet Jill Nagle, creator of Wisdom of the Body – “Beyond Talk Therapy”. She’s a personable and articulate leader with a knack for bringing the body into therapeutic environments.

She’s taking a creative approach to one of the main problems with traditional talk based therapy. All too often practitioners attempt to deal with serious issues among their clients sitting down working on the problem from the neck up. And yet most psychotherapists, counselors, energy workers, or practitioners of related modalities are not only not trained, but actively discouraged from incorporating full body somatic interaction into their work.

Her Wisdom of the Body approach enables true healing by expanding your capacity to hold the unfolding of another person’s transformation with deep compassion and acceptance. Her multidimensional methodology helps you get your own energy body into shape so that you can be in tune with your clients and create a field of love and acceptance. You learn how to ground the space and manage your energy so that you can be in alignment with your clients on the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual levels.

She’s offering a complimentary introductory play shop this Sunday, August 21 in Berkeley where you can experience the work firsthand and learn more about the nine-month immersion.

I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to connect with their clientele on a deeper level. I’m proud of the fact that so many of our Dance First members are pioneers changing the methods of therapy and the face of health and wellness in the world for the better.

Thank you Jill! May your work continue to grow and evolve and serve the highest good!

Learn more about Wisdom of the Body and register for the playshop here!