What’s your oracle? Do you have a tool that you use to set your compass? Perhaps you are internally oriented, going strictly from intuition and gut feeling. Or maybe you are the type that likes to rationally analyze every decision before making a move? Whatever your style may be, it’s a good idea feel confident in the path you choose, regardless of how you made your decision.

Some people choose the esoteric route, consulting things like a Tarot deck or the Runes. “Reading the tea leaves” or having your palm read have also been in fashion at one time or another. In the traveling circuses and carnivals of yore, the Gypsy contingent that foretold the future for fairgoers was known as ‘the mitt camp’ a picturesque term if ever there was one. (for a visceral window into turn-of-the-century circus life, read World of Wonders, part of the remarkable Deptford trilogy by Canadian author Robertson Davies.)

Outright prophecy has always seemed a bit suspect to me, the idea of blindly placing my fate in the hands fortune teller makes me nervous. However I don’t discount the power of premonitions, clearly there’s been many cases when a dream or random circumstance has saved the day with a non-linear nudge from the metaphysical realm.

As dancers, we have the ability to bridge the mind/body connection better than most. Acknowledging the feeling from our guts while balancing the messages from our heads is a recipe for proper action that we are fortunate to have access to. Learning to gauge which way the energetic winds are blowing while being humble enough to seek outside feedback makes the task much easier.

Case in point. I grew up with an older brother who was steeped in astrology. Daily readings of the ephemeris led to all sorts of predictions, and I learned not to undermine my actions with cosmic fears and doubt. But an awareness of the archetypes and an understanding of the subtle energetic shifts has taught me that there is more to this wonderful world of wonder that we live in than meets the eye.

Bringing this up to celebrate the thrice-yearly event that we embark upon tomorrow, that is the three-week-long retrograde journey of Mercury. Instead of worrying about the breakdowns and miscommunications that this time is famous for, remember the ‘re’ — that is there’s no better time to re-visit unfinished business, re-member important people from your past, and re-call all the ways to take care of yourself and stay present.

The temptation during this time is to operate from your shadow side and allow your buttons to get pushed, so the trick is to lean into the loose ends of your life and allow yourself the time you need to close any open loops you may have that will only get worse if neglected. Find a mentor to help you move (see below), hire a coach to help you develop (book a free session with me), or join a group where you can share your experiences (start here).

So use this season of serendipity to nurture that connection between the ground of your body and the metaphysics of your mind. Science is starting to realize what the esoteric teachers have long known, that our bodies are simply receivers of consciousness, and that mind exists both within and beyond us. Ask yourself what you need to sharpen your sensitivity today.

Gratefully musing on a Monday once again, much love and magic to you till next week!

DANCE FIRST MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Susan Bauer & Authentic Movement!


This week’s Dance First member spotlight shines on Susan Bauer, a true mentor in the world of movement. One of the Bay Area’s foremost leaders in the worlds of dance, Authentic Movement, and somatic practices, Susan is a ‘life actualizer’ who is dedicated to helping you deepen your self-awareness to get out of spiraling patterns and into action to improve your life.

I’ve been associated with Susan since the early days of Conscious Dancer, and can personally vouch for her depth of knowledge. She has studied with her teacher and colleague Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, founder of Body-Mind Centering® since 1984, and with Janet Adler, founder of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. She’s also a past board member of ISMETA, the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, and is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist with them.

With fall comes the season to turn within and access your body intelligence. You have a rare opportunity to give yourself this gift in Susan’s Introductory Workshop in Authentic Movement on September 10th. In Authentic Movement, you move with your eyes closed, allowing deeper attention to your inner kinesthetic experience, while an experienced witness holds the place of a non-judgmental presence and compassionate support. This fall she’s also offering two different weekly Authentic Movement groups in Berkeley. These are 8-week series, happening on Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

She also offers complimentary phone meetings where you can learn more about becoming a client in her private practice that integrates Authentic Movement, hands-on bodywork, movement re-patterning, and meditation as a basis for in-depth, conscious personal transformation.

If you live in the Bay Area and want to deepen compassion for yourself under the guidance of an experienced dancer and somatic practitioner, then make a point to attend this upcoming workshop. You can also contact Susan directly to gain clarity and understanding about your priorities and take advantage of her practical and spiritual insight with individual sessions.

Thanks Susan! It’s a delight to serve professionals of your stature with the benefits of Dance First!

Authentic Movement Introductory Workshop in Berkeley,
Saturday, Sept. 10th.

Authentic Movement Groups :: Tues mornings / Weds evenings.
8-week Series begins week of Sept. 20

Learn more at