Deep Focus With Adam Barley

//Deep Focus With Adam Barley
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Now in it’s 6th year: if you’ve been practicing the 5Rhythms for a while, then this may be for you: a workshop format designed to radically open up your ability to work creatively and personally with the 5Rhythms maps.

We’re aiming for a group of dancers who have both the will and the experience to focus their work in a more specific way than is usually possible in a workshop setting. Being residential, we can work long hours whilst still having time to rest and integrate: as well as moving together, each of you will work individually with the support of myself and the group, taking your practice to a whole new level, open out your perception of what’s possible, and free up your potential in motion.

We’ll be working in the wonderful Ost-West Centrum: fully catered, great dance space with a heated floor, woods to walk in around us.

“This is the most advanced work I offer, and only available on this workshop: if you already have some experience at Waves and Heartbeat level of the Rhythms maps, and you’re seeking to create a more personal and particular relationship between your own unique path and practice then you are welcome to jump in. Write to me if you have any questions.” Adam