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~ Dancing the Erotic Sutras of Ecstatic Love, Life, Sex, Death and Rebirth ~

BlissDance is a Totality Tantra Movement Practice of Awakening. Awakening to more of everything in life: more love, more pleasure, more you!

BlissDance asks, what do you really, really want out of this beautiful, blessed life? How can you embody your desire, without compulsion or suppression? How can you be the subject of your desire, rather than chasing after objects?

BlissDance also asks, how much bliss can you stand? Bliss is not simply happiness: bliss includes happiness, but bliss is so much more than that! Bliss is really an orientation to the reality of existence, which opens its loving and compassionate heart to all that life brings. The bliss state says, ‘Bring it on!’ It has no preferences or avoidances.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is not. BlissDance as a practice develops in us an ecstatic capacity to be with the actuality of life, like the changing seasons and cycles, including sorrow, joy, pleasure, pain, loss, grief, death, and the unknown.

BlissDance reveals where we may be resisting life, and where we may be limiting ourselves – both in trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings, and also in resisting our joy, spontaneity, creativity, and pleasure.



Kali was irresistibly seduced by Totality Tantra well over a decade ago, and so began her BlissDance training with Dr Shakti Malan, who developed this conscious dance modality as a profound Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening.

Kali subsequently held weekly BlissDance classes in Cape Town along with closed groups, workshops and retreats throughout Southern Africa, the UK, and the Netherlands. She is renowned for her warm welcome to dancers to bring all of themselves onto the dance floor without judgement, and for enabling a deep dropping safely within a well-held, sacred container.

Kali is also a popular DeeJay, respected for her superb music curation specialising in medicine and world music, as well as organic, downtempo dance grooves. Her stage name is DJ Kali ~ the Dancing Dakini.

She dances, and facilitates dance, to keep expanding deeper into truth, love, pleasure, presence, connection and intimacy.

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