This week’s Monday Love Insight features Sofiah Thom and Temple Body Arts!

Temple Body Priestess Initiation with Sofiah Thom
March 19-28th
Danyasa Eco-Retreat, Dominical, Costa Rica

For global leaders, artists, facilitators, and magical women healing the world’s wombs, hearts, and minds as we support the rise of the Divine Feminine.

Sister, this is an initiation into the path of a Temple Body Priestess. This way of BEING will shift and transform every cell in your body with how you move through the world and, more importantly, how you see yourself. You will heal through sacred sisterhood, reclaiming the power of your sovereign sensuality, embodying your sexual power with profound integrity. Leaning deeper into your unique artistry as you harness the gift of FOCUS and DEVOTION to your soul’s path of transformation in this world. Freeing yourself from chaotic business, burnout, and hyper-masculine dogmas of living so you can experience a grounded, rhythmic and sensual paradigm of regenerative wealth and sustainable transformation.

This is a rite of passage into a lineage that integrates the philosophies, beliefs, and practices of Tantric Living and Divine Feminine Embodiment. We recognize your body as an instrument of the divine, to be a clear channel and offer your gifts in service to humanity. Temple Body Arts® IS the bridge between your Spiritual, Sexual, and Creative energies, allowing you to integrate your Signature Soul Essence into your ministry fully.

The Temple Body Priestess Initiation is over 50 hours of ritual and training with Sofiah Thom c-founder of Danyasa Eco-Retreat and CEO of the Temple Body Arts Mystery School.

Sister, if you’re feeling the call to experience the magic of The Temple Body Priestess, I invite you to apply and join me at this year’s Initiation in Costa Rica, happening March 19-28, 2023.

This intimate Initiation is usually only open to women training inside Sofiah’s Mystery School online, however, Sofiah has opened up three spaces to the public for sisters who feel divinely aligned with the work and want to spend nine nights moving through the Initiation of a lifetime powerfully.

This is a $5,000 investment paid in full with payment plan options available that include the full 9-Night experience at Danyasa Eco resort, all farm-to-table meals, a 100+ page workbook and practices to support your process, and a group integration call after Initiation.

To apply click HERE or email

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