This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is from Studio Sadie!

Discover the possibilities and opportunities waiting for you, starting right where you are, as you are.

Studio Sadie, founded by Luscious Life Artist Sarah Sadie, is an audacious experiment, an ever-changing (r)evolution, and an online studio for a variegated community that spans the continent and then some, glorious in color and costume.

Studio Sadie helps people who feel restless, uncertain, and stuck get moving in the direction of their next dream.
Some of us are dancers; some are writers, also artists, and community builders, justice workers, tricksters, entrepreneurs, cooks, stitchers and knitters, holy fools, healers, makers and bakers, spiritual leaders and seekers, guides, guardians, a few witches, a number of angels and too many shapeshifters to keep track of. Many of us play more than one of those roles.

We steer by joy. And we have a good time.
At the heart of Studio Sadie is SPIRALL, a mindset shift designed to help you find your way to flow. Sarah Sadie developed SPIRALL to help people realize their magic, and they’re magic. Simple as that. This is a radical re-orientation to life and how we live it.

SPIRALL workers cut through the clutter, blocks, and baggage. We shift patterns and paradigms, step by step. Coming into our power as we learn to continuously grow, stretch, and SPIRALL through the seven pillars using core questions, we transform outer circumstances and uncover, recover and discover new possibilities. For ourselves and for the planet.
SPIRALL will meet you where you are. In the world. In your life. Shift starts as soon as you take a step. Thinking about it is a step too. Did you feel that?

SPIRALL is a transmission, a school, and an emerging lineage. Where to start? Try a simple conversation

Studio Sadie and SPIRALL were founded by Sarah Sadie, a ‘magical person living a magical life. Sarah…

…has experience as a teacher, writer, editor, workshop leader, writer, artist, public speaker, artist’s model, and dancer.

…is a poet with an MFA in Creative Writing, a Master Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach and Muse Workshop facilitator, a certified Qoya dance teacher, and the founder of SPIRALL.

…teaches techniques and offers opportunities to ground ourselves and locate truth in the wisdom of the body, the importance of play, and the power of creative expression.

…is a woman inclined to adventure.

In her own words:

I founded Studio Sadie as a way to grow my creative expression and passion while helping others tap into audacious adventures of their own. At the beating heart of all this activity, SPIRALL(tm) grounds the Studio practices and offerings. Whether we’re circling up to celebrate, or working one on one, or simply dropping in for a little communal work time, around here, we take the next step where we are, as we are. And we take it together, often as not. 

Welcome. We’ve saved you a seat. 

Sarah Sadie