This week’s Dance First Insight is from OneDanceTribe!

It is our great pleasure to announce the OneDanceTribe Re-Union, a 6 day live gathering at Sonnenstrahl Centre in Kisslegg, Germany July 1-6, 2022.

This is the first time we gather after the pandemic and we are super excited about the chance to re-experience the magic of dancing as ONE.

OneDanceTribe is not like any other dance gatherings. It is a transformational container held with intentionality by a number of experienced movement teachers of different backgrounds, who blend their offerings into one seamless crescendo. Together, we co-create a group field where love and union are no longer an abstract concept, but a tangible experience.

One stream alone may dry out and disappear, but when several rivers come together they gain enough strength to reach the ocean. This has been our prayer and year after year we have witnessed the power of coming together with openness and intentionality. Watch this short video (  to get a feeling of it.

At Sonnenstrahl Center, the dancing in the stunning Pyramid room is integrated by the water element in the large warm pool, where you will be able to just float, or receive a session by a watsu master. There is a comfortable sauna for relaxation and a team of experienced healers for you to indulge in self-care. Healthy gourmet food and a park where you can walk barefoot, roll and dance again, being held by the beauty of nature.

You will also find a community of like-hearted people who will become your family and touch your heart because at OneDanceTribe we are not afraid to experience love, embrace ourselves and one another.

Come and experience the magic.
You are warmly invited to the Re-Union.
Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed.

The OneDanceTribe event will take place July 1-6 followed by the Dancers Awakening Love Retreat July 7-10 for a total of 10 amazing days. You can register for one or both!

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