This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is brought to you by Brietta Leader, founder and creator of Wildcore Movement!

Cycles of Wellness

The cycles of wellness I am inspired to write about today connect us with our physicality, our energy body, and the bridge of metaphor that supports us in weaving our inner and outer worlds. In addition to using the word wellness in its holistic essence, I am inspired to play with The Well. The Well as a metaphor links us into the cycles of our daily body rhythms and to the ancient stories and sacredness of the Well Waters.

The natural spring within us has cycles we can pay attention to as a means to guide us on the path to wellness. In August, I navigated a lot of bad news, drama, and grief that could easily have compounded if I chose to turn on any outside media. The sensation in my body was one of welling up, a sense that the inner reservoir had reached its maximum of grief, and the floodgates of tears were about to open. I have noticed many friends are quick to tear up these days too. It is our body’s natural dam release, I suppose. It is part of the cycle of wellness and cleansing of the soul. If you need support with your welling up, I suggest a sappy movie, a good couch talk with a friend, or dive into the dance.

Another style of well I have experienced after working too much or being too busy is the Dry Well. This can happen for various reasons, but no matter the cause, the dry well causes sensations of bitterness, depletion or a sense of lost hope. Replenishing the Dry Well requires your favorite self-care technique: a swim, a bath, and/or time alone to gather our energies and re-fill the well.

Tapping our creative well-spring is my favorite part of the cycle. At this point, the inner well is bubbling with an abundance of inspiration, and the heart feels full. The energy channels within the body are open, clear, and the spiritual co-creation (however you define it) is aligning. I find that dancing every day keeps my creative well-spring tapped, along with inspiring books, painting projects, adventures, and friends. As we experience this global initiation together, I feel the importance of tending the inner well is a great way to discover imbalances. Like water, our inner creative well connects us to the deep, dark, and supportive energies of Mother Earth. As the energies or the waters bubble up from the depths, give them form with your most heartfelt creation – and share it with others if you can. There are so many lovely offerings here on the Movement Map/Conscious Dancer Magazine! If you are ready for a weekly online one-hour class that conditions the body, taps your creative expression, and leads you on a path of untamed self-discovery, give the WildCore™ Movement a try. It is M-W-F 8:30-9:30 am PST

I have two more Online Offerings:

Creative Empowerment October 27-November 1st

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See you on the zoom floor~

Dancing Love

Brietta Leader

Founder of WildCore™Movement

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