This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is from Alana Shaw, founder and Executive Director of Turning the Wheel, a national non-profit arts and education organization dedicated to “making body-based creative expression and play accessible to individuals of all ages, experiences, genders, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Dear Dancers,

This beautiful conscious dancer community of dancing, singing, moving, evolving beings is so important and crucial during this time. We have remained connected by showing up and bringing the music, the dance, and the poetry of health. We have supported each other through movement, through music, through community.

The universe has always asked us to be a part of this new story unfolding on the earth. This story is one of remembering — where love for everybody and every living thing on the planet is the norm. Now, in this pandemic, we are needed more than ever to help folks find their way into their bodies and to recognize the deep knowing that comes with listening closely to the messages from the heart. Through the magic of our practices, our music, our movement, our poetry, our loving kindness, our acceptance of what is, our deep trust in the universe, we can awaken to another way of being in our hearts and those we play with. We can remember and reclaim the joy of being in our bodies and let the joy flow through us into the world, free of old stories and habitual responses.

As facilitators of embodied practices, we can create an environment where all of us together can touch our divinity and allow that consciousness to stream into the collective unconscious, healing the fear and despair that lives there. Everything changes when we open to that divinity and align with our higher self. We open ourselves to the sacred knowing that is always there, ready to walk beside us.

I believe so deeply that, as a tribe of conscious dancers, we must be tireless in our commitment to do whatever is needed to live in alignment with our hearts and the deep caring impulse that beats there.

Reaching out for the strength to see the bigger picture, we use this time to grow in our willingness to evolve ourselves as we carry the fire, the healing power, of love forward. I bow down in deep appreciation to all of us who stand together in this creative tribe and remind us to take care of ourselves as we continue to be of service to the blossoming of a new consciousness for humanity.

Some wonder questions for us:

I wonder what the most loving thing I can do for myself today that will bring joyful energy into my body and soul is? I wonder how I can flow more joy out into the world?

With love, Alana,

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