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School of Ecstatic Movement : Awakening through Ecstatic Dance

The Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is an Energy Experience designed to:

● Release stress and energize the body.
● Free you from emotional baggage by moving stuck energy.
● Transcend the chatter of small mind and bring you into the Presence of Now.
● Awaken your heart to self-acceptance and self-love.
● Connect you to the Divine Oneness of your true nature and All That Is.

The more you can let go and surrender to the dance, the more the ego will get out of the way and the dance will dance through you.

Other things to know about the Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ Method:

This method is an ACTIVE MEDITATION – this means that throughout the stages, the emphasis is on “awareness” or “developing the witness”. Ultimately, this is a meditation method using movement, music and breath to go beyond “small mind” or ego. When participated in regularly, the Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is a powerful tool for personal transformation. Active Meditations were originally created by the spiritual master Osho who believed that the Western mind was more able to meditate when the body-mind system was cleared of stuck energy and emotions. If you really want the benefits of meditation without having to sit for hours in stillness, this is the method for you!

“You are not the doer, you are the watcher. That’s the whole secret of meditation. What you watch is irrelevant. The quality of observation, the quality of being alert and aware – that’s what meditation is. The important thing is that you are watchful … And slowly, slowly, as the watcher becomes more solid, stable, unwavering, a transformation happens. The things that you were watching disappear. For the first time, the watcher becomes watched … You have come home.”
~ Osho, “Meditation: the First and Last Freedom”

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is in essence a Nataraj – this is a Dancing Meditation in which you give yourself totally to the dance, you keep on dancing until meditation happens. Nataraj is the original Dance of Shiva who destroys all forms and returns them to formlessness. This is the same as saying that when you totally surrender to the dance and keep on moving until you move beyond ego-self, then you have entered the liberated state of spacious freedom and “no-mind”. The Sufis used a form of Nataraj called a “whirling dance” as a form of meditation in which the self was transcended in order to reconnect with a state of ecstatic oneness. Nataraj is also an Active Meditation developed by Osho, a dance without form that takes you deep into let-go and meditation.

“You go on dancing and dancing and dancing and a moment comes of such ecstasy, of such extreme movement of energy, that in that movement the rock-like ego cannot exist. It becomes a whirlwind. The rock disappears and there is only dance. The movement is there but the mover is no more there . . . meditation has happened.”
~ Osho, “Sufis: The People of the Path”

We believe that Ecstatic Awakening Dance is the fastest, safest most fun way of getting out of your busy head and into your beautiful body.

We believe that this training will give you everything you need to make you an empowered inspirational teacher and will change your life.

We believe that stories we tell ourselves of ‘Who I Am’ end up getting stuck in our bodies and create armouring that falls away during the Ecstatic Awakening Dance method.

We believe that EAD can open the doors to your heart through coming home to your body.

We believe that free dance means exactly that, no steps to learn, no right or wrong, no judgement, no adjustments.

We believe that to dance when nobody’s watching is true liberation of the soul.

We believe in you, if you’ve got the courage to step up and be a teacher you don’t have to fit in you already belong.

We believe the human body is an awesome beautiful thing that enables you to feel pleasure.

We believe that your mind is a beautiful creative tool and the less you try to shut it up, the more peaceful you become.

We believe that integration of this experience is felt and embodied during the sound bath after the dance. It is probably the most important bit.

We believe that the parts that you think are flawed are the parts of you that we think are the most beautiful.

We believe that having a space for self-expression is your birth right.

We believe that you can’t be anybody else no matter how hard you try, so you may as well be FULLY yourself, the good, the bad the ugly and the beautiful.

We believe that vulnerability = strength = invincibility

We believe that everyone should have a pair of awesome pants that they wear when they’ve got something a little bit scary to do.
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