The Embodied Awakening Conference is an opportunity to explore how physical and spiritual aspects of our lives can be integrated by using the body’s own intelligence in the process of personal growth, discovery and evolution.

There is an amazing lineup of visionaries including Peter Russell, Marci Shimoff, Gabriel Cousens, Dr Jacob LIberman, presenting alongside top movement and embodiment teachers Amara Pagano, Viincent Martinez Greico, Ya´Acov Darling Khan, Adam Barley, Amber Ryan, Michael Molin Skelton and Melissa Michaels, Ashanna Solaris and Dana DeLong.

If you are interested in exploring the intersection of science and spirituality in an embodied way or are a lover of body based practices like conscious movement and dance, yoga, breathwork and energy healing this Conference is for you!

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This is your invitation to embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, one that promises to equip you with valuable tools and life changing insight. You can use this powerful and supportive environment to foster new connections, expand your knowledge and perspective on what is happening in our world and take an evolutionary leap into a new way of living.

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