This week’s Monday Love Insight is from Susannah Darling Khan & Movement Medicine!

Susannah Darling Khan

or, The Movement Medicine Woman as she is often known, is Co-Director of The School of Movement Medicine alongside her husband Ya’Acov Darling Khan. They are co-authors of Movement Medicine (Hay House 2007). Susannah has studied in many contexts, including: an 18-year apprenticeship with 5Rhythms Founder, Gabrielle Roth, studies in Anthropology (University College London BA Hons 1st Class), Gestalt Psychotherapy (Gestalt Centre London) and Family Constellations. Her teaching marries ancient wisdom with neuro-science and intellect to profound effect.

Having taught movement as medicine internationally since 1989, Susannah is celebrated for her visionary weaving of scientific, psychotherapeutic and systemic/ecological paradigms together with the creative, life affirming power of the dance itself. Passionate and committed to being a life-long student, Susannah counts some of her most powerful learning with the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, as having stemmed from her work with her wild born Exmoor ponies or “mirror masters” as she describes them.

Susannah’s own deeply embodied knowledge of the creativity inherent in us all gives courage to her own participants to dare to liberate themselves from fixed patterns. Students feel encouraged to explore, to learn, experiment and evolve their own embodied awareness and the self-knowledge and mastery that comes from it. She is currently working for the acclaimed King’s Fund to bring Movement Medicine into the leadership awareness of some of the National Health Service’s most senior women leaders.

As well as being Movement Medicine Woman she has made 10 CDs and is a writer, dancer and novice pony whisperer. Susannah’s medicine combines apparent opposites. She brings a steady ground of  compassion, gentleness, humour and well boundaried safety together with a fierce call to clarity and deep vision. Her magic is about sensing what is with acute sensitivity and following the trail towards what becomes possible.

Susannah’s creations include the CDs (in order of most recent) All the Earth is Sacred (accompanied by a song book of the same name), ElementalMovement Medicine CD 1 (with Ya’Acov), Still WavesWild PrayerParty for God and The Walrog. You can also hear her on the Long dance CDs 21 Gratitudes and Another 21 Gratitudes. She wrote the book The Walrog, a magical fairy tale for adults and children.

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