This week’s Dance First Spotlight is on Phoenix OneSong & Dancing Freedom!

The Mythic Body

I recently came out of a week-long immersion with one of my teachers, Josh Shrei, who hosts “The Emerald” podcast. After studying with him for 10 months, online, 20 of us welcomed him and his family from the US and came together to enter into the fairy grove of fern, moss, banksia, tea tree and eucalyptus along the South East Pacific Coast of Australia.

The invitation was to become still, listen and to allow the animist forces of nature to move and welcome us into the mysteries of myth, ritual and storytelling.

Diving deeper into myth, ritual and somatics has been the perfect alchemy for growth and transformation, this year, and has given me so much inspiration that I am taking into every area of my life. Personally, I love living my life through a mythic lens – where I get to be a character on the cosmic stage of creation. It is from this space where I enter into dialogue with the living force that pulses and spirals through EVERYTHING and life begins to make sense.

From this space, the stories I tell myself matter; and the people, places and things that express themselves on the canvas of my reality become significant, perfectly placed threads in the greater web of creation that we are all a part of. The stories and myths I engage with, can either give me power or drain me of my energy, so at the end of the day- the choice is in my hands. In my opinion, myths hold the keys to being a better human and support me to feel a deeper sense of belonging in life, the world and in the greater cosmos.

Myths are a way of teaching us about why things are the way they are, they give us a map for understanding reality in a way that gives us purpose and place in a universe that might otherwise catalyze feelings of insignificance. Myth and ritual go hand in hand; Myths explain the unexplainable; they help us humans make sense of things. Whereas ritual allows us to create a space to bring form to the formless and provide shape to our lives so they have more meaning.

This is one of the things I love most about Dancing Freedom!

We dance, yes, AND, through our bodies we also bring shape to the feelings, sensations, Spirit and Soul that often have few words. Dancing Freedom, in one aspect, is the union of myth and ritual; where we come together again and again to practice and embody the mysteries of the universe through honoring the more than human world and the great significance it plays in our very human lives.

Beat, pulse, vibration, wave dynamics, containment and surrender, are just a few of the key elements that we have focused on in the Mythic Body course – which just so happens to ALSO be some of the key threads that weave through Dancing Freedom.

I love seeing the universal patterns connecting and reflected in these 2 bodies of work, and a chance to deepen my understanding and bring new layers of richness to what I offer through the practice and teaching of Dancing Freedom.

How are the stories you tell being reflected in your life?

Would you like to dive further into the union of myth, ritual and body?

Join us for our first online Dancing Freedom Soul Quest and Facilitator Journey!

We feel so passionate about this on-line training and the potential it has to empower each of us to a whole other level than we have known in our immersive containers. Time depth, consistency of a shared practice over an extended period of time, lots of coaching and space to ask a lot of questions, time to digest the material over time and have a team of trainers holding your hand along the way.

In creating this online training we are aiming to make space for those of you who are unable to attend our live trainings in Australia whether for financial reasons, the inability to take so much time away from your responsibilities, the various challenges of world travel, the desire to have a low carbon footprint, or restrictions due to personal health choices.

The sessions will be both US and Europe time zone friendly and will allow us to also make this coursework more accessible than ever to our BIPOC communities and those in countries where the socio economic conditions would not normally allow you to afford a training of this calibre.

We are truly excited.

Will YOU Join Us???