This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight shines on Jennifer Joy Jiménezfounder & creator of TranscenDance.

’ve known Jennifer for over a decade and have witnessed her growth and evolution as a transformative movement leader. It’s exciting to share with you the news that she is offering a rare Facilitator Training, especially in these times of transition we’re all living through.

Her signature modality, TranscenDance™, is a powerful method and set of tools for personal growth and transformation, but the chance for you to train with her brings much more opportunity than simply learning an effective method of dance and movement.

Jennifer’s secret sauce is her ability to foster an abundance mindset in the folks she works with. Her talent in helping people craft valuable and desirable offerings is second to none. To train with Jennifer is to engage in a process of discovering and delivering your highest value.

Her long list of accolades speaks for itself and includes such feathers in her cap as being considered one of the top 20 movement modalities, a recent write-up in LA Yoga magazine and being a featured faculty member at the Winter 2020 OneDanceTribe gathering.

She’s well-known and well-respected among the leaders in the field. Soul Motion’s Vincent (Arjuna) Martínez-Grieco (with her in the photo above) says: “Watching Jennifer move is like viewing spirit in action. Through power, grace, and beauty she commands attention.”

Nia’s Debbie Rosas puts it this way. “Jennifer is a gifted, creative teacher. She reminds us that through dance we can evolve into spirited and spiritual beings who celebrate the joy of life in the body.

One of the things that I’ve recognized Jennifer’s talent and leadership in is her ability to work with clients and groups online. Her background as a top trainer with the Brave Thinking Institute has made her a pioneer on teaching virtually long before she put her work as a dance and movement leader front and center.

Get acquainted with Jennifer this Wednesday, July 22nd at 5pm pst. She’s offering a Zoom workshop called TranscenDance™ For Body Freedom for a nominal fee (50% financial hardship discount available).

The TranscenDance™ Facilitator Training is a year-long program that begins with a four-day virtual deep-dive August 6th-9th. There is an application process so you’ll want to learn more and make your inquiry as soon as possible. I highly recommend this program as a path to creating your dream as it provides all the methods, strategies, scripts, and done-for-you materials that you’ll need to launch a rewarding practice.

I’ve worked with Jennifer, danced with her, and seen her in action. I urge you to make time to get acquainted and if you feel like she’s a match then follow the call to dive in and work with her seriously. Now is the time to take your talent to the next level and live your dream.

Apply Now:
TranscenDance Facilitator Training
Starts Aug 6-9, Online