This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is brought to you by UK-based 5Rhythms Dance and Ritual Theatre facilitator Lorca Simons!

Dear Dancers, 

Since March, I’ve committed to offering 1:1 online work internationally. With dancers globally, these intimate windows are a healing balm, plugging into the spirit of creativity and a fundamental necessity for sanity and grounding.

I have witnessed these sessions let go of and transform the deepening of the human spirit, the shared experience, and the beauty of connection. The expansion of imagination and the deep grounding that occurs through curiosity, breath, physical gesture, and space are mind-blowing to witness—pure poetry.

These are extraordinary times. The coronavirus pandemic is pulling us through a shared global experience, the likes of which many of us have never seen before. The uncertainty of what the coming weeks and months will bring has us all a little on edge.

Extraordinary times also bring our humanity and creative action to the surface. Many people are shining in the darkness. As we look toward the countries that have been hit the hardest, we can see beacons of light as a source of hope. I’d like to think that Live Wire is one of those beacons.

I believe in the healing power of theatre. I believe in a theatre of heart that feeds and fuels the soul; from this place of truth, ritual springs into authentic action, and anything is possible.

We are masterpieces of mystery. Our bodies are an electric landscape for possibility. We are here to plug into that source, that alive place inside where magic lives and where breath is born.

We are here to realign, rewire, and return to our original truths. We are here to unlock the stories our bodies are longing to tell.

There’s an endless supply of brilliant originality waiting to come out of you. Theatre is a gateway, a tool at our fingertips, a poetic landscape waiting to be explored. By investigating our stories through the body, we can expand and stretch our perspective beyond what we think we know.

I’ll look forward to sharing time with you on the line, with all my heart & soul.


My Mission: Delivering one’s self back to the artistic nature of the body. Sculpting spirit into shape, writing soul into story, dancing mind into the wind, and tracing the heart home.

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