This week’s Dance First Member Insight is from Emma Leech, founder of Emma Dance!

~ Stepping out and feeling our way back into a new world, post-pandemic.

Sensing, feeling from my body, instinct turned raw and real, switched on and tuned in. The 5 Rhythms Movement practice has given me a place to lean into these sensations. My spine uncurls, my stomach, my gut is listening. I’m like an animal, feet walking on the earth with even more awareness, plugged into my natural wisdom. The feminine, receptive and intuitive intelligence become my sat nav for living in this new world. We are shaken, broken, dismantled, and disrupted, navigating ourselves back to a path changed forever by the human collective – this pandemic earthquake.

Dance and Meditation have become my salvation once again; the unpredictable chaos becomes the everyday normal. Creativity is unleashed; the only way out is through, transforming all that life throws at us into creative action and poetry.

Time has speeded us up and slowed us down at the same time. We rush to make up what we have lost in the empty space, grasping, clinging to the familiar with nostalgic gratitude. Treading with caution as I step out to peek beyond the fear curtain, I take in the smells, the scent of change; I embrace connection and run from it.

Captured now with film, the camera has entered my dances, freezing time; the surreal, conceptual imagery nourishes my soul. I am movement embodied, transformational and transformed. The pandemic has shaped us, changed us, made us raw with emotion and alive with feeling. This return is an exploration, a renewal of old roots and a reframing of past experiences.

And so, we dance.

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