This week’s Dance First Insight is from Ellen Watson!

Ellen Watson is celebrating her 40th year on the staff and faculty at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, where she studies, practices, and teaches various modalities of moving meditation practice.

A licensed minister, Ellen believes that the core of all healing begins in the realm of the heart and the Spirit. Among her great pleasures are opening the door for people to dance, to sing and play and pray, to touch and be touched. She is passionate about spreading the good news about how waking up can heal and transform the mind, body and soul.

Ellen is a teacher of Esalen® Massage & Bodywork, Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms, Holotropic Breathwork, Vibrance, Touching Essence, Wake Up & Roar and Your Body is a Musical Instrument.

From 1984 through 2003, Ellen developed and administered the Movement Arts Program at Esalen. In 1996, she founded MovingVentures whose mission is education in the somatic arts, focusing on women and men in developing countries, and the southern USA.

MovingVentures faculty offer workshops, retreats, and trainings at Esalen, in Bali, and at other inspiring locations around the globe.

Some of Ellen’s offerings include:

Esalen® Massage & Bodywork

The Esalen® institute was founded in 1962 in Big Sur, California. It has become the most renowned healing center in the world and combines a range of Eastern & Western philosophies, beliefs and practices to help truly understand how to heal and develop.

Esalen® Massage is known for it’s long flowing strokes from one end of the body to another. Most common massage practices are sequential with the therapist having been taught a standard routine to practice on all of their clients. Esalen® is a form of intuitive massage where the therapist may truly understand how to provide the massage that the body on the table requires.

This form of massage leaves the receiver feeling relaxed, nurtured and in a state of well-being. Practitioners integrate an understanding of energy, structure and soul to be able to build a powerful connection that can release daily stress patterns, calm the mind and nourish the body.

Touching Essence

Developed over the last 30 years at Esalen and in Bali, Touching Essence engages both giver and receiver to deepen awareness and presence. Inspired and informed by Ellen’s practice and teaching of Esalen® Massage & Bodywork, Touching Essence uses visualization and affirmation in support of desired outcomes.

Ellen Watson, in developing this practice, has introduced the philosophy of Touching Essence with an exploration of the energetic centers of the chakras (wheels of energy). These highly charged centers act as a conduit through which body, mind, and spirit interact as one holistic system. Imbalances in the chakras correlate with physical tension and discomfort. The intention of this course is to weave together a variety of techniques in order to address holding patterns in the body that result from these imbalances.

The focus is to access these powerful energy centers through a combination of touch, scent, and sound. Working with sound/vibrations, essential oils, and massage techniques; we will impact both subtle and deep layers of the body helping the individual to achieve a sense of integrated well-being.

Serve and Thrive

Join Ellen for a program somewhere in the developing world and become a part of the team who serves a population of women. Various projects, all benefiting the First Nation peoples of a culture.

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