Do you ever feel like you have to much on your plate? Do you sometimes bite off more than you can chew? Have you ever felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day?

There are a lot of common platitudes that come to mind when we talk about time management. It takes poise, finesse, and a good sense of balance to dance with your calendar and your to-do list in a healthy way.

I understand the feeling entirely, my favorite metaphor for times when I’m swamped is that it feels like I’m trying to fit six pounds of oranges into a five pound bag.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy. There’s truth to the idea that if you want to get something done, ask a busy person to help. People that have nothing to do are often not very good at doing anything.

What I’ve noticed is that when you are in the flow you can keep a lot of balls in the air and accomplish quite a bit. The juggling analogy is not that far fetched. If you’ve ever tried it, you know that it depends on your ability to stay present. The minute your mind wanders or becomes preoccupied everything falls apart.

The big revelation for me over the years has been to notice what I am noticing, and to have a meta-awareness about my state of mind. Sometimes it has taken major shifts in how I’m spending my time, and who I’m spending it with to keep my mind clear and my heart peaceful.

There’s nothing worse for your flow than to have mental clutter clogging up the space between your ears. Rehearsing unpleasant conversations that you’re avoiding, denying the signals your body might be sending you, or allowing negative emotions to hold you in their grip are all ways to take you away from the present moment.

If you find yourself having accidents, forgetting your keys, or losing your phone, it’s probably worth taking a good look at whatever might be preoccupying you. If there’s anything in your life that’s persistently taking you out of the present moment, ask yourself what it is, and if it’s really worth it.

Looking back, I don’t know how I managed all those years where I was chronically stressed out, running around like Will Ferrell’s character Mugatu in Zoolander screaming “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” It definitely wasn’t good for my mental or physical health at the time.

Somehow in recent years I’ve reached a place of calm, and it dawned on me that even though my life is busy and action-packed, my days of dropping off the map due to drama, forgetfulness, or accidents are over.

If I had to define the process, I’d say comes down to three things. Questioncurate, and cut loose. Be willing to ask yourself the hard questions about what is or isn’t serving you. Use your artist’s or editor’s eye to design your life. And be willing to cut loose anything that is not in line with your highest good.

Sometimes this is why dance can be so beneficial. When we let our ‘bodies do the talking’ on occasion, we find answers to questions we didn’t even know we should ask.

Let this week’s dance with life be an eye-opener for you. Whatever form it takes for you, be it hiking, biking, or bouncing your body around on the dance floor, ask your physical being where you can create more calm in your consciousness and find a way to meet in the middle in the place of presence.

With heaps of love and a huge helping of gratitude, all the best until next week!


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine


This week’s shoutout goes to our new Conscious Dancer Community Manager, Sara Earl! We’re so happy and grateful to have Sara on the team, and since the theme of this week’s newsletter is time management, what a better time to introduce you to her!

Sara is a well-rounded leader in the world of movement currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s currently working on her Dance/Movement Therapy credentials and a second Master’s Degree, and is also a certified Nia teacher. A long-time mover and shaker in the Texas conscious dance community, she brings a wealth of somatic wisdom and enthusiasm to our organization.

One of the many things that we’ve wanted to do for our Dance First members is to communicate more often via email and our members-only Facebook Group to help with practice building, gather feedback, ask questions, and generally offer support.

I’m delighted that Sara will be helping to tend that garden, so for all of you who are already members, look for more outreach and engagement from us.

She’s also going to be working with new members one-on-one to make sure they’re familiar with the inner workings of the MoveMap and helping folks take full advantage of all the services our members enjoy.

Please say hello to her on Facebook and look for her posts on our Facebook Page, the Conscious Dancer Group, and our private Members-Only Forum as well.

We’re always eager to find more and better ways to serve our members, so having Sara on the team is going to make it easier for you to make the most of your Dance First membership! (You’re not a member yet? Learn more here!)

Thanks Sara! I’m so thrilled to introduce you to our community! Welcome aboard!