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 “Intimacy is an open path, a bridge between my heart and yours. We get stuck on the bridge because we don’t want to pay these tolls: total surrender to vulnerability, spontaneity, and an open, unguarded heart.” Gabrielle Roth

On this weekend workshop, the invitation is to find the intimacy with our fear of being our own true self, vulnerable and strong and exploring how that is affecting our meeting with another soul.

The more intimate we can be with our body and its movements, the more we are creating a good ground for intimacy with our heart and its movements. How can we be sensitive to all the nuances of our emotions? Express them even when they cannot be described; able to let them go through us and transform; bring them into the light of our own compassion? And, all the while, by holding our own heart by the hand, reach to somebody else.

“Silvija’a teaching is warm and clear, a fine balance of strong clarity and tender vulnerability. She is respectful of the vulnerability of the human heart, while standing strong in her commitment to do what is needed. I felt that we were on a journey together and together we would face the risks of letting the heart be.”

Karen Rose Ramsey, 5Rhythms teacher

“The way Silvija holds the space, I feel respected, listened to, seen as the unique human being I am moreover part of a community of fully alive dancers. Having dance and sweat the wholehearted workshop with Silvija made it possible for my heart to integrate that every emotion is allowed in it. ”

Charlotte, Dancer