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“God Sex and the Body is and always will be a profound and integral part of the 5Rhythms® curriculum. It has personally informed my way of being, my teaching style, and, most deeply, my acceptance of who I am and who I am not.”
— Gabrielle

Jonathan Horan writes about this workshop:
In the series of maps that comprise the dancing path of the 5Rhythms®, God, Sex and the Body is an initiation into being an embodied soul. It is a deeply personal journey, a celebration like no other, a ritual for the hot and holy you.
This journey is a call to stretch our imaginations with a long forgotten innocence and move through a spectrum of feminine and masculine archetypes, to dress up these characters in ritual theater, get inside them and give them expression. No one else can be a man or woman exactly like you. No one else can embody your soul, or project your magic or have your specific curiosity. Part lover, part artist, part god, we were born to rock the world and feel our way into each others hearts.
Grounded in the 5Rhythms Movement practice, this experience can liberate and inspire us to emerge a bit more fascinated with each other and the mystery of it all.
In order to assist yourself in the investigation, we ask that you open your imagination to the everyday objects in your world. What represents the masculine in you? What represents the feminine? Not necessarily articles of clothing, although accessories are great — a belt, a hat, a walking stick. Some things are very specifically gender charged — a tube of lipstick, a baseball bat, a mink stole, a cigar, etc. Please allow for two or three of these gender props to find their way into your bag and bring this bag with you to the workshop. And, men you are invited (but not pressured) to indulge your feminine nature by donning a skirt or dress on the dance floor.

On our last evening, we invite you to join us for a funky, fabulous, dress-up, get-down party as our guest. It is in honor of the feminine so think “wild.”
5Rhythms Waves experience is required.

This workshop is a requirement on the teacher training path.

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