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Actually I had planned 3 weekends, now there are only 2 weekends left. I had to cancel the first appointment due to Corona. But when we have learned one thing through Corona, always stay in the flow and be supple and flexible. The topic couldn’t be better either: trust + courage, freedom. The workshop was already scheduled for 2020, but in these uncertain times the topic takes on a completely different note. Yes, in the end we only have our inner compass, the basis for this is TRUST, in our higher self, which can only be revealed through our intuition. If we perceive this Inner Voice, then it takes COURAGE to follow it. This is exactly what living inner FREEDOM means.

In this workshop I would like to create a space in which we can immerse ourselves in the 5 rhythms landscape and thus open a field for deeper healing processes. The 5 rhythms give us the opportunity to experience our complexity, to penetrate layer by layer to “get closer to our soul”.

I would like to set up this workshop duo as a permanent group, participation in a single weekend will only be possible to a limited extent.

TRUST: Trust is the basis of our being. It is the roots that ground us that give us security. The more we trust ourselves to life, trust each other, the more we can perceive our intuition more clearly. “My inner voice guides me in the flow of life.”

COURAGE: Have the courage to follow your heart. What is preventing us from taking the necessary steps to make decisions? Often it is fear that holds us back. But fear wants to be seen, it is justified. Dare to take new steps hand in hand with her.

FREEDOM: When do we feel free? Freedom begins where we stop wanting to please. When we live our inner truth, when our heart, mind and soul become one, then anything is possible.

DATES: September 17th – 19th ’21 – Trust + Courage

November 12th – 14th ’21 – Freedom


Fridays, 7pm – 9.30pm


, 11am – 6pm Sundays, 10.30am – 5pm LOCATION


K12, Katharinenstraße 12,

79104 Freiburg


€ 380 Duo: Trust / Courage + Freedom Workshop (€ 190 payable per appointment)

€ 350 early bird discount until August 15th, 21st (€ 175 payable per appointment)

Weekend € 210 individually

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the workshop has to be canceled again due to Corona, there are no costs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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