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These are wild times.

We’re not just on the edge, we’re off the edge and falling.

We are being called, cajoled and catapulted into new ways of being that require us to let go of our fixed ideas of what we thought we knew. We can sense it. There’s something going on.

We need to change, radically, and even if we don’t know how to, it’s happening.

There’s a shift in consciousness taking place that is profound, far reaching, beyond any one of us, and involving all of us.

There’s no way through without the grief.

There’s no way through without each other.

None of this is easy, but it can be beautiful, in a heartbreaking way.

Our hearts are meant to break open.

Let’s open up together, willing to fall into the whirlpool of evolution that this wild earth does so well. Willing to be moved by life. Willing to speak the truth. Willing to stand up and be the change.

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