Esalen® Massage 175-Hour Training

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People from all over the world come to Big Sur to learn this healing art, and now, among the flowering jungles and lotus laden ponds of Bali, we offer a 26-day Basic Certification in Esalen® Massage. This training will provide you with in-depth experience and practice in basic Esalen® Massage techniques, enabling you to give a professional full-body massage upon completion of the course. Click the links to read more about Ellen Watson and Esalen® massage here.

Your study of massage includes daily moving meditation practices and experiential anatomy, including: partner yoga, chi gong, and conscious dance. To further enhance personal presence, included are guided Breathwork exercises and sitting meditation. Sensory Awareness enhancing exercises, gestalt communication practice, and group sharing circles are included in the curriculum of Esalen Massage. You will experience in your own body the qualities of aliveness and flowing presence central to this healing art form. The process of self-exploration (Inquiry) is a key element, grounding this practice in the experience of your own body, thereby transforming mere technique into a true healing art. The atmosphere and culture of Bali fit well with our intention to teach this method as a path toward healing. The Balinese word for foreigner translates as ‘guest’, this simple expression conveying the warmth, openness, and beauty which the Balinese embody in every aspect of their lives. As guests of the Balinese during this time, we will visit local temples and ceremonies at full moon, or Balinese holy days. You will have a minimum of 1 and 1/2 days free from scheduled class time; you can practice, go snorkeling, visit the spa, rest, swim.  You might consider staying for some days or a week or two after the program ends to enjoy this magical island, absorbing both its tropical beauty and the grace of her people.

Learning the art of Esalen® Massage is an experience that often changes lives.  Whether you intend to create a new career path, deepen your knowledge of bodywork, or spend time healing yourself through touch, our time together is sure to stay with you for years to come. Having taught certification courses in Bali for a number of years, we notice the lasting power of these memories – for some, as a healing recollection of new friendships made in the extraordinary Balinese landscape; for others, a time of self-exploration and transformation.

Whatever your intention, join us for this four week journey!

Requirements: This program is open for anyone to apply; upon acceptance, you can register with the room of choice. This program is appropriate for all levels. For professionals, some material will be a repeat, others new to you. We do offer 100 hour programs open only to professionals.

Professional Accreditation: NTBCMB approved provider, CE’s for bodyworkers, nurses, Yoga Teachers, EMBA approved.

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