Online Workshop: Be Moved with Rosario Sammartino and Joshua McClain

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Sunday, June 27th, 9-11AM PST A collaboration between somatic expressive arts therapist Rosario Sammartino and cellist Joshua McClain, the Tamalpa Be Moved workshop invites you to journey into your body’s own dynamic melodies, dive into feeling and imagination, and move to the rhythm of discovery. Let the powerful vibrations of the cello, combined with the [...]

Online Series: Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations: Summer Solstice Series ~ with Joy Cosculluela

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4 Mondays, June 7 – 28, 10-11:30AM PDT As we transition to summer in the northern hemisphere, we ignite our senses and invite light and lightness into our bodies and imagination. Supported by somatic awareness, we work with Movement Ritual to explore movements on the ground, to standing and moving through space. We experiment with [...]

Online Series: Dance, Draw, Dialogue: Self-Portraits ~ with Natan Daskal

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Who Am I Today? Through guided experiences of movement, drawing, and writing, we look into the mirror through the language of the arts. Using the Tamalpa Life/Art Process, we reveal a new mini self-portrait each week, dance with it, and listen to what it has to tell us.

Online Series: Restorative Dances ~ with Joy Cosculluela

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4 Tuesdays, June 1 – 22, 4-5:30PM PDT In this workshop we begin by giving ourselves restorative touch/ contact to relax and release excess tension and allow ourselves to become more receptive to bodily sensations. Inspired by an integrative movement approach from Anna Halprin’s somatic practice, we find support from our bones, breath, and gravity. [...]

Online Workshop: Singing Body ~ with Dohee Lee

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Saturday, February 27, 10:00AM-1:00PM PDT This workshop pulls from Dohee Lee’s training and practice in Korean Shamanism and performative ritual by utilizing techniques that connect to voice, body, heartbeat and spirit. How we tune our bodies through sound, movement and rhythm, guides us to navigate and delve deeper into our individual and collective roots, cultural [...]

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