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Join Ellen Watson for VIBRANCE, SpiritDance SoulSong’s foundation practice. We’ve created our user-friendly VIBRANCE, by popular demand for a basic practice, open to all bodies, all ages, shapes, and levels of fitness. From kindergartner’s to seniors, from the fitness world to the yoga mat, to men and to women ready to Wake Up & Roar, to [...]


By | February 27th, 2018|Tags: |

In our 2018 teacher training & retreat, Ellen Watson, co-creator of SpiritDance SoulSong, & Klaus Schmitt, SD SS teacher, and professional business coach and consultant, offer VIBRANCE, the foundation class. Their combined 50 years of study, practice, teaching, and training professionals, allow them to present VIBRANCE in a dynamic, easy to understand manner. This program is [...]

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