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Physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhilarating, Medicine Dance is a verbally guided, often music-accompanied movement experience. We identify present moment thoughts, feelings, and sensations and invite them to be expressed through the body. In a Medicine Dance class or workshop we dance from the inside, out.

There is attention on Self, time with partners, and time with smaller and larger groups. Every participant always has the option to work individually, in the belief that our most significant partner is our Self. No dance experience necessary.

“We find solace, connection and a sense of mending and wholeness within the movement we see on the outside, and the movement that we can feel on the inside. Our desire and our practice is to join in with that movement which is occurring inside of us, in our deep inner cave that is so personal and so private that words become inadequate to describe. Why describe? Because we want to share, we need to share; we discover our own and each other’s magnificence and brilliance and unadulterated being alive and it is not possible to not want others to taste and smell and feel what we have discovered” – FLS, Founder
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Santa Monica, California