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Who I am in the world is a person relating on multiple levels of the self for the deepest reflection. I stand for self-expression in all of its forms: embodied, spiritual, written and living. I stand for authentic connection, beauty, and the desire to be boldly and unashamedly human. I stand for all who long to become a unique voice for their future selves.

As an Expressive Arts Coach and Registered Somatic Movement Educator with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I am passionate about trauma healing and restoring connection to ancestral roots and wisdom for a fuller sense of self and creative expression. I am a force for compassionate change, helping creative individuals who want freedom from inner blocks holding them back embody resources to transform their life with soul-based expressive arts programs and courses (both online and in-person for those local to Marin County, CA).

I draw from a wide range of knowledge and experiences when creating my offerings for my business, Dialogical Persona Healing Arts, LLC. Having earned dual MFA degrees in Creative Nonfiction and Poetry from Saint Mary’s College of California, I'm now a Ph.D student in Transformative Inquiry at California Institute of Integral Studies where I'm using somatic and arts-based research methods to explore trauma healing and wholeness. And, I bring several years of training with Tamalpa Institute in the Life/Art Process®, Clean Language facilitation, Presencing and Holding Space through The Academy for Soul-based Coaching, and integrative somatic trauma therapy modalities.

I'm also a professional writer and artist. I'm currently an Executive Contributing Writer to BRAINZ Magazine in their personal development section, and other work has been published in K'in Literary Journal, For Women Who Roar™, White Stag’s #PSYCHOLOGIA and #FIREBRAND anthologies, Waxwing, New Delta Review, Portland Review and the anthology, More Voices: A Collection of Works from Asian Adoptees (Koryo Press), among others. I'm here on this life path to learn how to embody myself, to truly accept what arises within me and express it, so that I may serve as a guide to bring others into their own full and creative expressions. My work and research provide a mirror for how the whole self can become a living expression of what it means to be human.
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San Anselmo, CA