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Opened in 2004, our Mission is to provide the safest, most creative and loving environment to express, heal and play through dance and movement, into the highest form on every level.
Achieving maximum physical health and well being whilst having fun.

About Kate:
I was born to move and guide others into their highest potential.
I hold space and support extraordinary Human potential for anyone who wishes to move, express, heal and play.

My passion is to be so present that the truth is revealed. This is part of my magic. I work with intuition, joy, and over 17 years of experience in the fields of Somatic Movement and Healing.

Kate was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She relocated to London with her family where she lived for over 25 years.

Kate worked in London Theater with many of the British stars of stage and screen. She worked as an actress and also in costume.

Kate came to the US in 2000 and devoted her time, energy and talent to opening her own movement and healing studio, Cosmotion, located in Ventura Ca.

Kate is extensively trained, licensed and masterful in her teachings and practices of:
Nia Technique
Moving to Heal
Conscious / Ecstatic Dance
Laughter Wellness
'5Stages' - healing practice
Massage and Therapeutic Touch
Somatic Therapies
Private individual Sessions

Kate opened her own movement, fitness and healing studio - Cosmotion - in Ventura Ca in 2004 as she witnessed a great need for holistic, playful and purposeful movement. People are seeking somatic practices which have depth, purpose, joy and community - Kate's vision and abilities meet those needs.

As our human consciousness develops and expands, it appears we crave and desire more and more to deeply and truly connect to ourselves and each other in ways which are meaningful and rich with all the delicious layers of our humanity.

Cosmotion is located in Ventura, Ca and is open 7 days a week.
Visit for more information.
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