Karina Pais
About / Bio
It is a movement practice that allows us to reconnect with the core of our being to experience the present moment where release, healing and deep processing can occur. It is based on the ancient principle of bringing our awareness back to our bodies through dance, thus supporting our path to self-expression and freedom.

Conscious Movement creates a safe space to express ourselves freely, allowing us to drop deep into our bodies, and connect with our inner wisdom and healing.
It combines free movement, improvisation, creative visualization and music to help release stuck energies stored in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.
It is practiced to inspiring world music and does not require any previous movement or dance experience.

Karina Pais is a professional visual artist with a body of work spanning a variety of media.
She has always been passionate about dancing, and has found in Conscious Movement practices a natural way to express her true self while helping others in their journey to free expression.
She has been trained and certified in modalities such as JourneyDance and Prayerdanse, and taken several 5Rhythms classes and workshops.