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Julie first experienced Biodanza in 2008. The experience lit her up so much she didn’t miss a single class for a year!

Every week she is filled with awe as she witnesses the magic unfolding for her students. Julie’s warm personality and her willingness to be vulnerable, creates a safe haven for her students to open their hearts, connect with their playful nature, express their emotions freely and support profound, positive shifts in their lives.

Julie trained at the San Francisco School of Biodanza as well as in Montreal, Canada specializing in “Biodanza Voice and Percussion” and "Identity and the Four Animals". She is currently studying with Anna Halprin. In addition to her weekly class, she facilitates Biodanza for Dance4Healing, a study with cancer patients, examining the effects of dance on healing. She holds a BA in psychology and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a wellness educator teaching classes on essential oils. She has a deep passion for jazz singing and most recently belly dance.

What is Biodanza ? A General Description:

Biodanza is a beautiful ritual of movement that gently facilitates deep personal transformation. It opens your heart and activates your inherent potential for joy, connection, play, imagination, creativity, and curiosity. Through movement and inspirational music Biodanza reduces stress, awakens your zest for life and inspires a desire to embrace your authentic self.

The Official Definition of Biodanza:

“Biodanza is a system of affective integration, organic renovation, and relearning of original life functions, based on vivencias induced by dance, singing and encounter situations in groups.” In 2009, a year prior to his death, Rolando added this to his concept of the definition “Biodanza is a system of acceleration of integrative processes at a cellular, metabolic, neuro-edocrinological,, immunological and existential levels through enriched environments that results in the transformation of human beings at all levels.”

"The practice of Biodanza has enabled me to gracefully embrace changes in my life: to welcome the changes I've desired, and to cope more gracefully with the changes I was not expecting. "
C.D - Yountville

"Biodanza is a way for me to free my mind, spirit, and body from their inner selves and form a union of peace and serenity through the miracle of dance. I felt an inner calmness flowing throughout my body as I connected to a world of complete relaxation and connection. In Biodanza you use motion and music to discover a way to ground yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the end of a Biodanza session, I felt a sense of love and connectivity with all the participants and of my relationships in general."
- B.G.

"The first thing I recall that struck me about Biodanza was the ability to connect with people in such an intimate safe way, in a way that I wasn’t really getting in my everyday life unless I was in an intimate relationship. So to be able to be single and to have a weekly time where I get to actually receive that much connection and affection was super important and significant for my life.

The classes are always transformative. Often I arrive tired and sometimes not in the best space. I always feel better after being in a Biodanza Class.

I find the aspect of silently gazing into other people's eyes particularly nourishing. I find it sometimes vulnerable but I also find it, nourishing like food. It feels like a necessity I need as a human being."

- R. B. Berkeley

"Biodanza has helped me to get in touch with my feelings, to open up my heart, to express my emotions, to be vulnerable ,and to feel the love and light within. It's has been very therapeutic for me. I recommend it to everyone."
N. N - Napa
As Described by Participants (Biodanceros)

“I go every week because I feel more me after a class.
I handle life better.
I communicate better. I feel better.
I am more alive! Things just go better!
If I miss it I feel it!”

As Described by Rolando Toro in an Interview:
Q: How would you describe Biodanza? Is it a physical therapy? A system of growth? A creative exercise? A spiritual practice?
A: Biodanza is more than all of these! It addresses the totality of the human being. It doesn’t separate people into fragments. Biodanza has many therapeutic effects, but these are not the goal. Biodanza is basically a reeducation in love. The exercises bring us into real intimacy with other people.

Most of us do not connect deeply with others. We just look at the superficiality of the other person – their nose, the shape of their mouth. But the act of looking deeply into another’s eyes is ecstasy! It amplifies our entire perception of who we are. The Biodanza exercises wake up our ‘vivencia’, or aliveness, and this allows us to really feel the intensity of each moment.

Sarah Dalles, “Dances With Passion – Interview with Rolando Toro”, Kindred Spirit, Vol 3 No 8, 1996:
Biodanza with Julie – Wednesday Nights
May 30 @ 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm PDT
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Biodanza with Julie – Wednesday Nights
June 13 @ 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm PDT
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An event every week that begins at 7:45pm on Wednesday, repeating indefinitely