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Dance Alchemy is a powerful transformational process using dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. Energies and emotions are held in the body because of conditioning. When we express these through the body, we have the possibility instead to live our emotions and energies as they are, which in itself brings joy. In a climate of acceptance and non-judging presence, these emotions transform and reveal their essential qualities; deeper sensitivities, greater understanding, new strengths. We are no longer divided against ourselves. The resulting feeling of wholeness and happiness opens the door inside of us to connect with our authentic being.
This is the alchemy of transformation.

Through the gifts within our own bodies; the space of our heart's acceptance, and the fire of expression, and presence to things as they are, we transform negative emotions, through dance, into a flower of creativity, receiving clarity from within.

Maneesha McClure has been working as a dance therapist and teacher since 1986, offering trainings and workshops in India, Europe, USA, Scandinavia, Russia, and now worldwide on Zoom. She developed Dance Alchemy (previously known as Dance Energy Transformation), a body based therapy with a life affirmative attitude of celebration and love. It is a unique way of using dance and the alchemy in our own bodies to transform negative emotions, find self-love and acceptance, understand and connect more deeply with one’s true nature, and enter meditation.
Power of the Heart
October 15 - October 16
Teacher Training Part I
October 15 - November 13