Catherine Llewellyn
About / Bio
The road thus far … My background is eclectic.

My parents were non-conformists from opposite ends of the social scale – right from the beginning I was immersed in a bohemian lifestyle and a philosophy of self-determination. Naturism and nature cure was a part of the mix. As a child, I was an early client and case study with Dr. Rachel Pinney, who developed ground-breaking approaches to conflict resolution and collaborative communication. My parents showed me that change is an adventure. They carried their courage and inventiveness into our experiences as children – a mix of non-standard and challenge, which fostered a love of the unknown, the yet to be explored, discovery.

In the 70s and 80s I began to study human potential in earnest – graduating from the controversial Exegesis Programme enlightenment intensive and follow up programmes covering self-actualization and core life skills. I trained in NLP and began studying with John Heron, a founding father of Humanistic Psychology.

In the 90s I took the MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies with John Heron’s Human Potential Research Group at Surrey University. This was an experiential journey in humanistic theory and application, for working with individuals, groups, and organizations. Alongside – I took my Reiki Masters and began training practitioners in hands-on healing and energy balancing.

In the 00s I trained with Gabrielle Roth to teach her 5Rhythms Dance movement meditation practice and studied Healing Tao.

In the 10s I completed my Pellowah practitioner training.

This potent mix of humanistic theory and practice, energy management and empowerment, and body-based movement work comes together into a flexible and intuitive approach. My practice incorporates bodywork, energy work, and humanistic psychology – for heart, mind, body, and spirit.