Birgitte Tan
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Welcome to "From Grieving to Joyful Living" and "Dance Away Sadness: Move Beyond Your Grief." I am so glad you are here and I look forward to connecting with you further.

So who is Dr. Birgitte Tan, the founder of From Grieving to Joyful Living and Dance Away Sadness: Move Beyond Your Grief ?
In short, I am a veterinarian oncologist who has turned my heartbreak and failures into timeless treasure of being able to create a truly joyful fulfilling life for myself and even better still, helping many people do the same but with more ease and grace and efficiency, through the system I have created for you.

​I am a veterinary oncologist; I am not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or a certified dance instructor, and I do not have any formal dance training. In fact, I was far from being a dancer before April 2012. I was clumsier than a blind duck and stiffer than a steel rod. I could never follow dance steps, and still can’t.
​Yet, in April 2012, when my 15 year marriage dissolved unexpectedly and I thought my life was falling apart, something in me told me to just move to the music -- to do free-style dancing at home. I started dancing around at home to all different kinds of music, depending on my mood and what I needed to release from my heart. Very soon I noticed that the dancing really helped me move away the heavy weights in my heart, soothe my sadness, and feel a little peacefulness. This free-style, expressive dancing helped me get through that difficult time, and afterward, helped me relax and feel better in general. I started to think that this type of dancing could be very helpful to many of us during our difficult time, when we are losing something very dear to our heart, when we are losing a love one.

​Fast forward to June 9, 2014. My beloved 20 year old cat, Roscoe, passed away unexpectedly. Yes, he was old, but he was very healthy and strong for his age, until he suddenly got very ill, and died 5 days later. Roscoe was not just a pet for me. He was my son, my best friend, my guardian angel, my soul-mate. The day after I put Roscoe to sleep, I was so stricken by grief that I could barely get out of bed, never mind turning on the music to dance. Thankfully, a kind spirit reminded me about a free-style dance group that happen to have a class that evening, and urged me to go to this dance. I am so grateful that I went, because that dance class was so very helpful in helping me feel better, enough so I could get out of bed and function the next day. Since then, I continue going to this class and to dance at home. The dances continue to help me heal my broken heart a little more each time, and give me inspiration for this program. I know this free-style dancing can really help us when we are going through a tough time, just as I have been benefited from it consistently.
With that in mind, I developed the Dance Away Sadness program, in hope of helping you lighten the weights in your hearts and soothe your pain. I hope this dance will warm not only your body but also your spirit, and shine a light of hope in this dark time.

Fast forward again to 2016. I looked back at my life in the last 4 years and realized that I have healed and rebuilt my life. Only this time I have created a life that is much, much better that the one before it fell apart. My relationships with friends and family, my relationship with my mother, my love life, work, finance, time freedom, and health all have improve greatly. After 20 years of having 2 health conditions that doctors and surgery could not fix, I am now perfectly healthy without any more medication or surgery. Even more important than all those, I now live with true joy and peace of mind, living the life I truly love living. Looking back, it is easy to see that one thing that is instrumental for my full spectrum improvement is life coaching, and I would love to share the gift of life coaching with you. Just as it has helped me, I would love to help you become the person you are meant to be, and living a life you truly love living. To allow me to be able to help you in the best way possible, I decided to received additional intensive and extensive training and become a certified transformational life coach. As a certified Life Mastery Consultant, I am here to help you create a life you truly live living.

Spring 2017. My heart continues to call me to help those who are grieving in more ways. I listened to my heart and my calling and became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, which allow me to help you move through and beyond your grief through support group or one-on-one coaching, in addition to using the Dance Away Sadness system.

Thank you for getting to know me. I am here for you. It is a great honor for me to be able help you move through the dark valley of your life and create the life you truly love living. Please simply call me at (818) 324-8720 or email me at to see how we can work together to help you have love, joy, peace of mind, and live your best ever life.