All Day

Long Waves

Centro Ling Tai Centro Ling Tai, Carrer Bartomeu Llull, 6Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

A deep dive into our energies. Class size limited. Please reserve via message to +34 606 316 201 or on the FB group.

Short Waves

Centro Ling Tai Centro Ling Tai, Carrer Bartomeu Llull, 6Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

One hour session, non-guided a-la Sweat Your Prayers. Mostly wordless music. Class size limited. Please reserve with a message to +34 606 316 201 or on the FB group. Thanks.

Open Floor Forest Row

Forest Row Village Hall Lewes Road Forest Row RH18 5ES United Kingdom

From 21st May to 18th June we will be in Peter Griffiths hall, with limited tickets and social distancing. From 25th June, as far as we know, social distancing measures are lifted and we can dance "as normal"! Here's the information about the 21st May to 18th June: There are two smaller groups of one [...]

£12 – £14

Azul Retreat – Dancers Awakening Love (residential)

Kisslegg, Germany Kisslegg, Germany

The Dancers Awakening Love (DAL) Retreat is a three day retreat held in conjunction with the OneDanceTribe Europe event and it is designed to integrate the experience of the event in a more intimate setting, as well as explore the path of Azul. There is an increased amount of light that is touching all of [...]


TBA Rome, Lazio, Italy

In this workshop we begin by working with liberating life energy in our physical body and welcoming physical movement. We’ll then continue liberating life energy in our emotional body, our heart, and welcoming emotional movement. As our hearts get juicy again, our sexuality is awakened in our moving bodies and so we will explore the [...]


Dance of Oneness®: Radiant Embodiment Series


Live 8-Module Monthly Online Series Starts March 9, 2021 2 Days a Week: Tue & Fri @10-11am PT | 6-7pm UTC | Unlimited Access to Recordings Join Banafsheh and the loving Dance of Oneness Community from around the globe to explore embodiment through sacred dance and conscious movement, the wisdom of the body, sacred feminine [...]

Moving Paths May

Online Event United Kingdom, london

Using movement, meditation and speaking, we enquire into the truth of the moment: within oneself, with each other, and in the world.  You commit to a seven-week cycle, 3 hours on a Wednesday morning. You’re with the same small group of people for that seven weeks, then it opens up to newcomers if there’s space.  [...]


Online Series: Restorative Dances ~ with Joy Cosculluela

online event

In this workshop we begin by giving ourselves restorative touch/ contact to relax and release excess tension and allow ourselves to become more receptive to bodily sensations. Inspired by an integrative movement approach from Anna Halprin’s somatic practice, we find support from our bones, breath, and gravity. Weaving imagery and heightened awareness through our senses and [...]


Awaken Your Medicine Woman

Zoom Studio ONline

We will be creating an inner circle sisterhood to journey together and awaken the Medicine Woman within. Learn how to effectively clear and restore your energy for daily balance and happiness! *spark your intuition *use the elements as healing tools *claim your power This sixteen week program invites us to dive deeply into the wisdom [...]

$375 – $500

Art Medicine Voyage

There is a creative adventure calling you! Can you imagine our beautiful Mother Earth as a healed and transformed living planet? I’m wondering what that would look like for you - I bet we all have our own ideas. Some wacky and wild, some tender and graceful, some radical and revolutionary… My good friend and [...]


Dance of Seven Chakras

OSHO RISK Bøgballevej 3, Braedstrup

In this life-changing process you will dance your heart open, expanding your capacity for self-love, using the powerful process of Dance Energy Transformation, to transform your pain and negative emotions. We will work with the chakras, unwinding the blocked energy that may be there in the areas of sex and intimacy, friendships and family, power [...]