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In these pandemic times with waves of uncertainty and circumstances to navigate, it is so critical to take time to retreat.

Retreats generate the power for something positive or transformational to emerge. As we say ‘yes’ to unplugging from our daily responsibilities, technology, and work, we have the opportunity to begin a new cycle that regenerates health and radiance at the cellular level.

The topic of beauty has been a thread within my teaching practice for at least 13 years. I was first inspired from the book “Notes on the Need for Beauty” by J. Ruth Gendler. This book helped me see and feel beauty through new eyes and discover how my inner beauty critic was excessively draining my energy. At that moment I was ready to change my habits, points of view and instead engage in deeper levels of forgiveness, empowering rituals and encourage new positive mantras. I have found WildCore to be that place of refuge or sacred space to do this deep work that extends as a thread into most women and their self-image. Dancing, sweeping energy, beginning again and forgiveness have been my greatest allies and I want to share them with you!

Your Wild Beauty Retreat is designed for women ready to walk, dance and live a lifestyle rooted in their wild beauty. We will open our senses to beauty as energy, discover how our sight may lead us to insight, reveal our ugliness and unveil the wild and beautiful goddess within.

Each day will begin with a morning ritual, which will vary from meditation, breathwork or free movement. There will be a session that blends yoga, dance, journaling and sharing before lunch with the whole afternoon off to play. We will gather again in late afternoon to integrate with art, ritual, and creative expression. This retreat will include a sweat lodge and cacao ceremony provided by the retreat center’s staff, along with side adventures and time to relax & integrate.

I am happy to announce my guest teacher Titina vanHoorn will be joining us and her expertise in leading Shamanic Breath-work, Journeys and Personal Sessions. The retreat price includes one personal session with Titina.

Here is a brief description of what Titina offers:

Breath work meditation

This is an active form of meditation that uses breath, similar to kundalini yoga, for greater vitality in your system through the chakras. It is a practice that allows one to, not only clear any stagnant energy in your field, but bring in greater clarity of thought and a connection to your higher wisdom.

Throughout the week, I will offer this approximately 30-minute meditation, with a variety of different ways to use this as a practice and intention-setting tool in your life.

Shamanic Energy Session

If you have any issues that you feel are limiting your life, this Shamanic session will assist you in clearing beyond what you are conscious of, in order to open the way for greater ease and healing in your life. I work with unconscious beliefs, ancestral and karmic lines, as well as accessing your purpose and higher potential. Most clients report immediately feeling lighter after the session, with a new perspective on what has limited them. I then support you in anchoring this energetic shift for lasting change in your life.

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