You, Me & Us With Adam Barley

//You, Me & Us With Adam Barley
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Here we use the rhythms to investigate the fundamentals of relationship – how to be with yourself, someone else, and a group.

Can you be at peace in your own company, or are you on edge, needing someone else’s attention? When you’re with someone else do you usually lead, follow or improvise? Can you be yourself or do you act nice and stay in control at all costs? Can you trust yourself enough to open up and be vulnerable with others? When you’re in a group of people do you hide out or barge in? How do you find your place and fill your role? Do you know how to change things when you want to?

The 5 Rhythms are in the end a pathway to love, from love, with love. The body tells the truth, so we get to see what we’re up to, but being physical is also a highly effective way to let go, move on and explore new pathways. And the wonderful thing about it is, you don’t have to think too much about it.

Move, breathe, pay attention, and be open to learn. Things can change.