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Ya’Acov Darling Khan
Ya’Acov Darling Khan
A School of Movement Medicine™ Shamanic Journey
Friday + Saturday + Sunday Feb 18th 10am-6pm Feb 19th 1pm-8pm Early Bird Tuition $325 until Dec. 30th
Intensive Dance Workshop & Ceremony
Friday Feb 17th 6:30-9pm $35
Friday Night – Open to the Public: Intro to Soul Seeds – Dance Drum Journey
Yes. Finally. For the first time in Toronto.
A message from us:
We are thrilled to announce that Ya’Acov has graciously accepted our invitation to stop in Toronto on his way to the Amazon for his event with the Pachamama Alliance where he will be working alongside his brothers and sisters of the Achuar Tribe.
We warmly welcome you to join this historic gathering. We can already feel this will be a potent time for us all. Don’t miss this experience! Ya’Acov is acknowledged as a practicing shaman by the people who work with him world-wide and by many indigenous elder shamans and communities from the Arctic to the Amazon.
From Ya’Acov
Our sense of self is a blend of unique essence with biographical, cultural and transgenerational history. On our journey towards integrating the dance into our day-to-day life, we must continually update the inner picture of who we are now. If we do not, we will continue to enrol each other into the undigested and unconscious stories of the past in a vain attempt to complete those unfinished gestalts. This causes all of us, and the life that we share this planet with, untold suffering.
Movement Medicine teaches the alchemical keys to develop the personal power needed to change the story you are telling and update your sense of Self to one of more balanced, dignified, and honest relationship with Self. This naturally ripples out into all your relationships.
The S.E.E.R. Process
In Soul Seeds, I will be offering you the space to update your relationship with the past, teaching the S.E.E.R Process™ (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval), a fantastically useful recapitulation tool that he developed that will help you to change your relationship with the past and update the meaning you give to it.
I have come to notice that the things that were most difficult for me to acknowledge, like the wounds of the holocaust or the fear of sharing my total devotion to the mystery of life, have turned out to be the exact lead weight material inside of which I found the golden seeds of soul. I am super blessed in my life and my intention is go on using every ounce of privilege I have to make a positive contribution through my life.– Ya’acov Darling Khan
Soul Seeds will support you to:
* Update your sense of self and bring a more empowered and dignified understanding to your journey through life so far
* Take the next step in transforming your past into medicine
* Find the courage to deepen your role in creating the future now
* Invoke an alchemical cocktail of loving self-acceptance and fierce self-inspection to embody and be who you are now, and give everything you’ve got before you die
* In ritual, we will dedicate the harvest of our work in service of life and open the doors to a deeper relationship with the Great Mystery in its myriad forms.
* We warmly invite you to discover the gold of the soul hidden in plain view.
About Ya’Acov Darling Khan
Ya’Acov Darling Khan, the author of the best-selling Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart – the Real-Life Initiation of an Everyday Shaman (Hay House 2017), and the ‘Shaman – Invoking Power, Purpose and Presence in the Core of Who YOU Are’ (Hay House 2020), is known for his blend of strength, humility and humour.
He is acknowledged as a practicing shaman by the people who work with him world-wide and by many indigenous elder shamans and communities from the Arctic to the Amazon.
Travelling the world to work with groups delivering Movement Medicine, Ya’Acov has spoken to audiences across the globe at some on the most pre-eminent platforms driving the transformation of world culture and sustainability.
Ya’Acov’s message? Shamanism, and a shift from society’s focus on acquisition to reciprocity, is a powerful key to restoring our universal connection and solving our interpersonal and world issues in the process.
Ya’Acov has devoted three decades of study and practise with spiritual teachers and Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition), and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon.
“Along the way I had to carve out a sense of normality and accept that this being’s soul, speaks the language of dance, ritual and prayer. I have come to recognise the fact that reawakening a sense of the magic, potential and splendour of creation in as many people as possible, is the blessing I am lucky enough to call my job!” .
His work is inspiring, contemporary and practical, and Ya’Acov’s audience includes people from all walks of life. In a time in which western society has become disconnected from ancestral and natural wisdom, much of his work is about education and removing the unhelpful mystique of the term ‘Shaman,’ meaning traditional healer.
His 32-year marriage and partnership with ‘Movement Medicine Woman’ and wife, Susannah, with whom he is Co-Director of The School of Movement medicine and Co-Author of Hay House published Movement Medicine, forms the loving foundation and union for a life dedicated to the transformation of our world.
“As a species, we are in a crisis. Our work? To reach as many people as possible and support them to know who they really are, find their purpose and live meaningful lives.”
Tuition Assistance
In our ongoing effort to offer Movement Medicine to peoples with varying financial realities, we will be offering a number of tuition assisted spaces. If you would like to receive an application please contact the Organizer. All information will be held in complete confidence.
Stay Healthy Protocol
* We request that you minimize exposure to viruses before this gathering. If you have come into contact with anyone who is sick please test yourself before arriving. Let the Organizers know.
The Practicals
* We will need you to commit to attend the entire weekend to the best of your ability so that we can depend on a safe and stable container — and others in your small groups can depend on your presence. We are all important in this practice – each of us is an important element of this constellation.
* Soul Seeds is accredited and applicable to School of Movement Medicine hours (15) if you decide to pursue this practice more deeply in the future.
* Registration is now open. We have limited space. First come first served. Please register early if you are called to join this gathering.
* If you have a question please contact Julia at 647 709-9642.
* What to wear, bring, how to prepare. This will be covered in your confirmation emails and in subsequent communications.
The Legal Stuff
We will need you to agree to the following to participate in Soul Seeds.
* Participation is fully at the risk and choice of participants.
* It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being.
* Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself.
* All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Julia Ray and all people connected to the School of Movement Medicine can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in this weekend intensive.
* If my physical condition is restricted in any way, I can and will monitor my own level of movement and activity so that I remain within what is appropriate for my body
* I understand that this course may bring emotions to the surface.
* Organizers agree to only use your name and email address for Movement Medicine events and updates.
Cancellation Policy (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)
A full refund, less a $50 processing fee, will be issued if notice is received by Jan. 7, 2023.
A full refund, less a $150 processing fee, will be issued if notice is received by Jan. 21 , 2023.
No refund will be issued for cancellations after Jan. 21, 2023.
*If you are cancelling your place in the workshop at any time due to testing positive for COVID, or a known exposure to COVID, then we will offer you a refund for your workshop fees less a $50 processing fee

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