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We invite dancers from all 8 Generations of Movement Medicine apprentices to this year’s Winter Dream Dance.

The Winter Dream Dance will offer a held gathering space for all generations of apprentices and will lead into the 48-hour Winter Dream Dance ceremony. We will begin with two days of being together in the deep quiet and alchemical bowl of our practice before entering the space of the Winter Dream Dance ceremony – a dreaming alembic to support us to find strength and nourishment for the year ahead and to travel inwards into the heartbeat of this mesa. As always, we will dedicate our work and include our prayers for others, and the community of life. Inviting the spirits to dance with us and through us and being with this great mystery as we seek to remember and connect with the peace and silence at the centre of all wheels.

There are three different price options for the Winter Dream Dance. For tuition, food and shared accommodation:

Standard Cost: £895-00. Lower price: £695-00. Pay-it-forward: £1095-00.

A deposit of £195-00 will secure your place.

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