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Begins June 1 – September 4th -Feel free to join any time

Held Monday–Wednesday–Fridays 8:30-9:30 am PDT

The WildCore Online Summer Sessions is set up in two week chunks, so you can pick and choose the weeks that work for you OR commit to all the sessions and dive into this journey of embodiment inspired by the living tarot.

So what is the living tarot? I made up the ‘living’ part due to my experience pulling a card each day and opening to it’s magic. For many years my practice was to simply look at the photo and allow any part of it to inform me creatively. Over the past two years I have read from the book by Isha Lerner “Triple Goddess Tarot”. Her writing includes alchemy from the divine feminine, along with an archetype and a plant essence for support. I plan to use her book as my main source of inspiration.

Dancing with the tarot all summer is basically a research journey to connect with it’s 500 year old history, our present day global transformation, and all the ways the dance & metaphor can energize a new level of awakening into our bodies and evolving consciousness.

There is so much to learn about Tarot, but from my research I have found that it started as a game, similar to Bridge. The deck likely originated in Northern Italy in the late 14th century. There are many versions to the story of how it evolved into a mystics guide to telling the future & a conduit between the conscious and unconscious self. I will leave that research up to you!

As part of your research you can experience the 14 cards I have picked for our dancing collective. We will spend one week on each card and dive into it’s message, archetype and energy to spark deeper insight to our soul’s journey. The movement, music and metaphor will condition the body, spark your creativity and reveal your untamed self-expression. It is designed for everyBody!

The Summer Session includes classes on

*Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings at 8:30-9:30 am PDT,

*A link with education, food for thought, journal inquiries, alignment tip video, playlist and art integration.

*I will be highlighting an artist/healer/creative each session, so we can get to know each other and cross pollinate our awesomeness!


~recorded classes

~private session with Brietta

~art integration with Holly