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This is it. There is a deep inner pulse alive in you, rich in motion. It’s a true wisdom that beckons from the quiet and dark wild mystery. Not accustomed to trusting the inner senses, humans may experience this sensation as longing, loss, or ambivalence. Yet there is a way to step forward into life, love, money, and health with greater confidence and knowing!

Deep inside the human spirit, there is a vast field of unexplainable, inexplicable innate knowledge. It’s a knowing that supports full trust in every step you make, and full belief in all that you are. This knowing holds security and safety, giving the ground for potency and vitality.

It may be difficult to recognize Wild Knowing, also known as intuition, with its constant nudges, whispers or shouts. To trust intuition is to develop the senses. Wild Knowing is a powerful and profound capacity.  Letting “gut feelings” and “gut instincts” guide your life creates life-changing energy.

Using the 5Rhythms, embodiment practices,  meditation, art, ritual and sound, your innate capacity for Wild Knowing will be nurtured in this 10-day intensive workshop.