WATER – Elemental Rhythms – Residential Intensive (can be booked individually)

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The third of four residential workshops for those who

  • Have fallen in love with the dancing path
  • Are passionate about the natural world
  • Want to open to the wisdom holding & healing of the elements.

Elemental Rhythms is a series of four workshops, each devoted to the teachings of one of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The workshops can be done individually, but they will also build on each other in a progressive sequence – each element being a gateway to a deeper connection with our world, our-selves, and our potential.

In Workshop 3- WATER, we are working particularly with Chaos, the energy field of the mind, the ego, the trickster, and intuition – teaching the power of knowing:

Within the fluid, translucent, medium of water the marriage of earth and fire gives birth to life in its vast variety. A transmutable teacher: as gentle as dew, as force-full as rapids, as relentless as ocean tides – water teaches us how to ride the waves of change with grace and poise – and how to seep past hindrances to find the pathways of least resistance towards our aspirations.

Within the domain of water, we encounter the energy fields of the mind and face the exquisite thrill of dancing with forces greater than ourselves. Through the practice of confronting and learning to undermine the trickster patterns of the ego, we can expand our capacity to embrace the deep intelligence of our intuitive mind – the subtle voice that knows: when to forge our direction and when to yield to the current, when to shape our world and when to be shaped by it – growing and nurturing the power of knowing that resides at the heart of chaos.

In our chosen residential setting – with its rolling moorland, secluded beaches and windswept cliffs – the elements are so powerfully present that opening to their potency, and letting them guide and inspire our work is both easy and obvious.

Add to the stunning location: a supportive community of dedicated dancers, nourishing whole earth food by the celebrated Café Momo, an exceptionally experienced and committed teacher, and we have all the ingredients needed to facilitate deep healing and nourishing work.

The greatest gift of the 5 Rhythms is that, when engaged with deeply and fully, it takes us on a journey of progressive expansion towards our full potential as creative, loving beings. Catalytic in nature, it works to free the body, open the heart, still the mind and awaken consciousness. Ultimately, this entirely physical practice is a spiritual experience.

(See website for details of the full series, and for participant feedback from previous workshops.)

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