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Deep within you may sense a life force constrained, passions set aside, potentials untapped– a yearning that may feel like it has little or no space. Feeling at home in your body and experiencing the freedom to fully open and use your voice may feel distant; something meant for others. Perhaps something happened that made you feel like you didn’t have the means or the right to express or to voice. Maybe you lost touch with a sense of ease, safety, and joy in your body. If this resonates with you– voice artist, sound healer and healing arts practitioner Susan DuMett and movement artist and teacher Vanessa Skantze invite you to a transformative workshop: Unleash the Siren: Liberate Your Body and Voice!

From personal experience and from working with many clients and students over the years, Susan and Vanessa understand that traumatic events of life often cause a fragmentation within. This can mean we lose connection with the core of ourselves; become disassociated from our bodies and our authentic voice. Susan and Vanessa have created a gentle yet visceral approach to liberating voice and body. Their practice and process is designed to validate your unique experience of disconnect/trauma, and contribute tools for discovering creative expression and catalyzing deep healing. Vanessa and Susan lead an authentic exploration to honor without judgment what may be held and hidden in cells and bones. The work is intentional, compassionate– beckoning a freedom to express what you may not yet find words for. As you explore intuitive sounding and movement, your body “remembers” the truth of who you are and opens you to the experience of energetic release, a greater understanding and integration of self, a calling forth of personal and collective power, and creating of space for greater joy, clarity, and creative expression.