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Breema® is based on a profound understanding of the principles that govern the entire universe and everything in it. In these workshops, we will learn simple Breema treatments and exercises that introduce us to an entirely new and different way of moving and relating, and provide access to new dimensions of physical, mental, and emotional health and balance.
We will be sitting and practicing on a padded floor,
and pairing up with different students to practice the
bodywork we learn. No prior experience is necessary.

Touching the Essence: The Wisdom of Breema
Workshop: 2-5 pm • $60 ($50 until 9/16)
Breema bodywork intro-sessions: 1-2 pm, no charge
Location: The Healing House
2153 Linnington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025
To Register: please contact Aimee Dickman
www.levinedickman.com • 310/795.5769
E-mail: aimee@levinedickman.com

Moving in Harmony with Existence
Workshop: 2-4:30 pm • $50 ($40 until 9/16)
Breema bodywork intro-sessions: 1:15-2 pm, no charge
Location: Santa Monica Yoga Studio
1640 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405
To Register: 310/396-4040 • www.santamonicayoga.com