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Learn to breathe in the most efficient way for your body, with Transformational Breath®!

In this online class you will
Learn to use Transformational Breath® to improve your physical and mental well-being
Learn about your own breathing pattern and ways to improve it
Get more energy from your body by breathing effectively
Improve your mood, relieve physical and emotional stress and tension

Breath is life!
Oxygen feeds our cells and unless we are breathing deeply and fully, our bodies are not getting all the oxygen we need, nor releasing all the toxins necessary for optimal health. Our mental & emotional states are also greatly affected by our breathing patterns. We can change our chemistry, outlook, and attitude by changing the depth, rhythm, and rate of our breathing. The use of breath to improve our health, emotional state, and mental clarity is a skill everyone can benefit from learning.

Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer, Adelle Brownlee Brewer, leads workshops, weekends and Seminars, helping people all over the world discover the healing power of breathwork.
Adelle is also certified as an online facilitator in Transformational Breath. We will be meeting via the platform of Zoom.