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“Tango is about listening and moving as one in each other’s arms; it is a communication of
the souls through subtle movements of two bodies joined in breath and energy.”


NO DROP IN! RSVP at 415.661.1852 BY MONDAY SEPT 16, 2019

OPEN TO EVERYONE! No dance experience necessary – No partner needed.
WEAR: socks or barefoot; loose, comfortable clothing (no tight jeans).

This 2hr Pre-Beginner level movement workshop is the best way to start your Tango learning with somatic movement therapist and award winning Tango teacher Sonja Riket.In this workshop we will explore an innovative body/mind somatic approach to Argentine Tango dance as a tool to relate to ourselves, each other and our world.Somatic movement explorations allow you to find stillness within and to listen and respond to another’s presence. We explore and express the physicality of trust in order to acquire the best possible connection in the dance and daily life. We thus discover the essence of Tango: connection with ourselves, our partners and our environment in a
joyous spirit of improvisation.These innovative techniques will prepare you for any partner dancing. With this experiential base, we will learn the basic “Tango walk”, as the music “dances” us in a place of freedom.

True partnership emerges in the interchange between the roles of lead and follow.Within the tango embrace, a non-verbal communication of heart, body, and soul, we find common ground in our humanity. It is an antidote against isolation, separation, and fearful existence we are led to believe is necessary. What better way to come home to ourselves and to connect with each other across our differences than the non-verbal power of an embrace, listening and moving together as one?

Follow-up Beginner and Advanced Beginner class series are offered in SF. Call
Sonja for more info.
Private lessons are also available.