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A Journey, A Destination, A Refugewith

Jo Cobbett, Georgianne Cowan & Fred Sugerman

Dancing Mystery Lodge brings together three innovative movement facilitators cross-pollinating creativity and curiosity with somatic inquiry.

Every session invites freedom of movement, authenticity and energetic fluency through playful inquiry, subtle tuning and dancing into presence.

In times where fiction seems outpaced by our daily news and we may struggle for equilibrium between the dramatic calls for our attention, Thursday dance is a sanctuary for deeper resonance and a restoration of inner resources.  A movement field with foundation and intention that supports your individuality through music, invitation and a shared fascination for a sustainable life path.

More and less guidance/encouragement will be offered, accompanied by an eclectic musical palette… and most of all, love.
Special Inaugural Session w/ all three facilitators:
Thursday, August 4th 10 AM -1 PM Pacific Standard Time; 6 PM – 9 PM British Summer Time


$20 or £17

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