The Tao of Loving With Adam Barley

//The Tao of Loving With Adam Barley
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Love is not just a feeling, it’s an action too. Emotional energies naturally become action if we follow them through.

Being willing to face our fear: gives us courage to move. Dynamic Loving
Expressing our anger all the way: brings us to forgiveness. Fierce Loving
Truly releasing into sadness: we can surrender to life. Total Loving
Being full of joy: we become naturally generous. Delightful Loving
And compassion: simply is service. Open Loving

This is the Tao of Loving: courageous, forgiving, surrendered, and generously in service.

So here is our practice — to move through our emotional world deeply enough to not only feel love but to be loving. To open up the pathways from fear to love in movement, so that our feelings become an offering to the world around us.